UK: How scared are reporters to tell the public the truth about the race of many of the London rioters?


London riots August 2011

Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary, espoused the British philosophy of failure:

“The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon. The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.”

Well, I don’t think anyone in those traumatised communities agreed to being bashed unconscious and robbed, or to have their shops looted, destroyed and burned to the ground:  Miranda Devine on the fashionable policing that inspires no fear among Britain’s rioting underclass

But these ferals do not consent to being policed (Andrew Bolt)

Confess: there was a white among the looters

(Andrew Bolt)

How scared are reporters to tell the public the truth about the race of many of the London rioters?

Listen and marvel.

Note how the reporter, having grilled store owner Big Jim for saying he found “at least 100 black youths” looting shops in his streets, did manage to make him admit he’d exaggerated.

Reporter: “You’re not being sterotypical there?”

Big Jim: “No, absolutely…”

Reporter: “Are you sure that they were black? I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they?”

Big Jim: ”OK, then. Let me just say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.”

Reporter: “Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.”

Big Jim: “I didn’t see any.”


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A murder investigation has been launched after three people were killed “doing the job of the police” during widespread rioting.

Where are the gangs of climate denialists and bloodthirsty Christian militias?

Only one ethnic or religious group involved in London’s riots was singled out for mention by the otherwise fashionably blind Guardian’s reporter – and it’s the only one the Left feels licensed to vilify:

The make-up of the rioters was racially mixed. Most were men or boys, some apparently as young as 10….But families and other local residents, including some from Tottenham’s Hasidic Jewish community, also gathered to watch and jeer at police.

That paragraph has since been modified, no doubt after a flood of complaints:

But families and other local residents representative of the area – black, Asian and white, including some from Tottenham’s Hasidic Jewish community – also gathered to watch and jeer at police.

And there now appears this postscript:

• This article was amended 9 August 2011. A description of onlookers in a Tottenham crowd has been expanded to give details of the main groups observed by the reporter.

But the rioters include low life from many ethnic groups – and so do the victims:

A DEVASTATED father has told how he tried to save the life of his dying son who was mowed down and killed as he tried to protect their community from rioting looters in Birmingham last night.

Haroon Jahan, 21, died as his father tried to perform CPR and brothers Abdul Nasir, 31, and Shazad Ali, 30, lay injured nearby.

They were mowed down as they stood on the pavement protecting their mosque and businesses.

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