UK: the riots are because the Government does “f…all” for children…

Al BeBeeCeera sides with Islam; why wouldn’t it side with parasitical looting scum? Any enemy of civilization has a pretentious friend in the coercively financed BBC.

“Nicking trainers,” we are told,  “is a sign of “desperation” and “a political statement.”

Andrew Bolt:

These are the rioters, lit up by the flames 

THE rioters who burned England for three mad nights are now being frog-marched through the courts.

Look at them carefully, because these 1400 people are evidence.

They are living proof England was being dismantled long before the first building was torched last week.

From The Daily Telegraph: 

One of the good lads from Britain’s riots: 

A 13-year-old boy has walked free from court after admitting smashing up a shop with a stolen golf club as his mother said the riots are because the government does “f*** all” for children …

She is on benefits, does not live with the boy’s father and has 10 other children, the court heard … His mother described him as a ‘’good lad’’ who had never been in any trouble before and had gone out to visit his grandmother when he got caught up in the violence. 

As a victim or perpetrator?

 Janet Albrechtsen says the Australian Left – and especially the ABC – seems uninterested in exploring some of the real causes of England riots. 

Of course they are not interested. That would destroy the multicultural narrative.

“We want the European Spring and not Arab only.”

Are Cyber Jihadists Fanning the Flames of the U.K. Riots?

As England tries to recover from riots last week and police prepare for possible new outbreaks, there have been some early indications that radical Islamists are not only happy with the chaos in Britain, they are encouraging it.     Read More »

 Billions in damage, but free speech is too expensive:

Especially when it comes from the EDL:

Dewsbury: £172,000 bill for 40 minute EDL protest

Taxpayers were left with a £172,000 bill for policing a 40-minute demonstration by the English Defence League, the YEP can reveal.

Concerns have been raised about the strain on the public purse following the rally in Dewsbury in June. It was the fifth demonstration in West Yorkshire since the EDL’s formation in 2009. A protest in Leeds in October 2009 cost £131,000 to police.

Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan said: “Forty minutes – that’s £4,300 a minute for policing.

F*kc you, Khan!

One thought on “UK: the riots are because the Government does “f…all” for children…”

  1. Why pretend? The police are not there FOR the EDL, but in an attempt to portray them to the public as violent and a threat.
    If the EDL were really violent, the police would do what they do when the fascists start smashing things – stay back and observe.
    So the police presence should be paid for by those using it for propaganda.

    I am sure if a fascist party turned up and started rioting, the police would huddle the EDL away – so they did not get in the way of real victims.

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