'Backlash:' Muslims Throw Hissy Fits Over 9/11 Coloring Books

The truth about Islam makes Muslims go apeshit:

CLAYTON, MO (KMOX) – Taking heat from Muslim groups upset with a coloring book about the 9/11 Attacks, a publisher says he’s been in contact with local police and the FBI.

Wayne Bell, the Publisher of Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., says there’s been a negative backlash against the book “We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom.”

“These are people from Al-Jazeera that have called in here numerous times, people from Iranian TV, people from Palestinian Hamas TV,” Bell said, “A lot of people from the Islamic community have called in here and said increasingly negative things prior to the book being made and then after we made the book too, about the book itself.”

The book features images of Osama Bin Laden and Islamic terrorists.  It also shows American citizens upset by the attacks, including a woman with a cross around her neck.  But it shows no Muslim Americans mourning the attacks.

The Council on American Islamic Relations has criticized the book as one-sided, only portraying Muslims as either “extremists” or “terrorists. ”

Bell was asked to explain the absence of patriotic Muslim Americans in the book who were also opposed to the attacks.

 Publisher Calls FBI Over Muslim Backlash From 9/11 Coloring BookPublisher Wayne Bell with 9/11 coloring book

“Well, I don’t know, I mean this is what our research showed us,” Bell said, “Every time we mention one of the hijackers we call them what they are.  And that’s what parents wanted.  Radical, Islamic, Muslim Extremists.  And every time we mention one of the hijackers like the three guys that drove the plane into the Pentagon, there’s nothing else you can call them.  I mean, what do think,  they’re having a bad hair day?”

The book has been selling briskly, so fast that Bell said he had no extra copies for reporters to take with them today.   Bell declined to disclose how many copies have sold, except to say “a lot.”

When asked about whether he has had any threats because of the book, Bell stopped short of saying he had.

“That’s our C.O.O., ” Bell said, pointing to a co-worker, “He’s talked to the Clayton police department, a sergeant at the Clayton police department and the FBI, regarding your question.  That’s the answer to your question.  And so, it’s really good to be aware of your surroundings.   We’ll put it that way.

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  1. Quote:

    “Bell was asked to explain the absence of patriotic Muslim Americans in the book who were also opposed to the attacks.”

    In a Fox News Interview, Bell reveals their company specifically contacted CAIR International and the NoI (Farakhan) directly and offered them opportunity to present their input. Neither CAIR or NoI bothered with a response.

    Wayne Bell: “Chris, Chris, I want to show you something I haven’t shown to anyone outside our company. Prior to making this book our company wrote a letter to
    CAIR International headquarters in Washington, DC and to the Reverend Louis Farrakhan in Chicago at the Nation of Islam. We asked for people’s support in this book. We asked people to participate of the Islamic or Muslim faith to participate. Our message is in a letter. And it says, this is our request, with peace, understanding, and faith that someday we will all respect each other and have mutual respect for all faiths and all religions.”

    In that Fox video report, Dawud also whines on and on about the misrepresentation of muslims, specifically pointing to pages 8 & 9. On page nine, three individuals, two female, one male appear to be shocked and mourning the attack. Dawud specifically points out that one woman is wearing a cross. On page 8 there are two jihadi’s with their faces tightly wrapped in kefiyyehs, one holding up an assault rifle, the other holding up a koran. Now consider Dawud’s complaints that there are no muslim’s depicted mourning. Interesting since he implies by that complaint, that no real muslim would look like the three mourning individuals on page 9. In other words, it’s wrong if the coloring book depicts muslim’s in characteristic garb, and it’s wrong if muslim’s aren’t easily identified as mourner’s because of westernized clothing. Typical islamic circular reasoning trying to trap the infidel in a Catch 22.

    Also, the UK Guardian posted the page 19 of this coloring book. . . .which is probably the image (and it’s placement in the coloring book) which most irritates these savages threatening the publisher. It depicts Osama cowering behind a hefty bagged female as he is taken out by our fabulous American Navy Seal Team 6 member…ON PAGE 19 (very clever symbolism of the 19 hijackers, perhaps?).

    Note the curious term used by Dawud in the UK Guardian interview. . .

    “given the fact that this is a very emotional and sensitive topic…”

    Their revered jihad warrior is depicted as the coward he was in a COLORING BOOK! This just gnaws at their pious Islamic sensitivities!

    Good. The truth hurts. And good on the Missouri-based publisher, Really Big Coloring Books, for countering the massive disgusting PR effort to minimize the historical significance of 9/11.

    lan astaslem!

  2. As always, muslims refuse to accept the responsibility and consequences of their thoughtless actions.

  3. Well you have a right to do this, no one has a right to tell you you must not teach your children about history. Here in the UK a large shopping name was told they could not have an Xmas tree last year in there store because it offended the Muslims. GUESS WHAT THEY DID NOT HAVE ONE!!!! We need to unite and not be silent no more and peacefully join hands across the world and say NO!!!! And let it be known! Or we will be wiped off the face of the earth along with our customs enough is enough I love my XMAS tree. How dare they come in our countries and tell us what to do and how to do it. Easy answer our governments allow it. Why! Well thats another matter. GL all In the USA.

  4. AMERICA, Remember ???? The Old Country, where I was Born, Raised and a Veteran of the Korean War. 1951 to 1955. If they came here to be Americans and wanted a Better Life, WHY did they Bring their Damned Trash WITH Them ???? If they Don’t like OUR Country, THEN, Get to HELL OUT !!!!!!!!!! We didn’t Invite you, We Don’t want to Support you and We Sure as Hell Won’t Miss you when You Are Gone !!!!!!!!!

  5. they have to cry about something all the time. why don’t they go back where they came from most AMERICANS are wise to there crap and we are getting tired of hearing about your feeling being hurt. all day long you sit around and net pick things to cry about . shut up sit down or better yet leave the country and take obama with you all of you are evil. we don’t need or want you here. nuf said already.

  6. ok muslims I ordered 6 of these books what are you going to do about it ? who going to start crying first? come on now don’t be shy maybe obama ? good

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