Excremists DownUnder

Don’t use the ‘M’-word. Avoid the word ‘Islam’ like the plague. (Perhaps it blows over, all by itself…)

It could never happen in Australia, right?

Local fanatics plotting terror strikes as anniversary of September 11 attacks nears

 “Clearly there are extremists now on our shores,” Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism chief Steve Lancaster said.

Not ‘extremists’. Just Muslims. Jihadists. Soldiers of Allah. Lets call a spade a spade…..

There’s a method in the madness:

The teaching of tribalism

Andrew Bolt:  I’d have thought that the challenge is to put more emphasis on what unites us, not divides:

MULTICULTURALISM will be “embedded” into the national curriculum as the first step to force society to respect other cultures.

The government’s plan also involves 40 “People of Australia Ambassadors” to spruik the benefits of multiculturalism and a new offensive against racism.

3 thoughts on “Excremists DownUnder”

  1. I like the way they use the word *force*
    It don’t make much no sense that common sense don’t make no sense no more
    Give us somebody to vote for and put these seditious people where they belong

  2. The communist social engineers intend to “force” multiculturalism on us whether we like it or not; the hubris and arrogance is astonishing.
    Damn these people.
    Richard Craniums, all.

  3. For all those fans of multiculturalism I recommend you read ‘life at the bottom’ by Theodore Dalrymple. He is a psychiatrist who works in the inner city slums of the UK. There, he regularly ‘treats ‘ the fruits of multiculturalism and its truly shocking. He cites the inexorable attack on civil society by the liberal intelligentsia with their ingrained marxist views. Multiculturalism is one facet of this active deconstruction of British society. Its a disturbing read, an insight into the inevitable and logical consequence of multiculturalism coupled with a determined socialist elite willing to destroy society under the guise of academia and social welfare

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