Lessons from 9/11? What Lessons?

Terrorism Pays

Since when did Uncle Sam get in the business of doing the bidding of the OIC? Since 9/11. A new ‘Golden Age of Islam’  has begun, with American connivance.

The Wages of Terror

… the murderers have become celebrities, and the bearded men who claim to hold their leashes have risen in power and stature. They have walked up the bloody red carpet to become the focus of everything that we do. These are the wages of terror paid to the profiteers of murder. The terrible day in September has not ended this Jizya, this price that the Dhimmi pays to remain in the good graces of his masters– it has only increased the amount. And so long as we go on paying it, they will go on killing us. (Daniel Greenfield)

Dennis Prager: what lessons?

In attempting to understand 9/11, the first question asked by the world’s elites — as exemplified by leading media and academics — was, “What did America do to provoke such hatred?”

Ten years later, the same people are still asking the same question. And it is as morally repulsive now as it was then. It was always on par with “What did the Jews do to antagonize the Germans?” or “What did blacks do to enrage lynch mobs?”

As long as people keep asking what America did to incite such hate, nothing will have been learned from 9/11.  (Dennis Prager has more)

Ask yourself: does the global jihad stop if we throw Israel to the wolfes?

Brute Causes, Not Root Causes

The  intellectuals spoke of specific U.S. policies as the cause of the attacks. They brandished as a root cause U.S. support for Israel, which serves for these minds as an allegory of Western imposition and colonial sin. Characteristically lacking, however, was any genuine analysis of this seemingly unanswerable indictment. Israel, as a non-Muslim polity established on land once ruled by Muslims, attracts the hostility of most of the Muslim world. (More)

“Racist Israel”

Pali Child Abuse

  • Public Policy in the “Palestinian Authority“: militant indoctrination  has the goal of raising a generation of Palestinian children who will strive to carry on the terror war if their parents do not achieve victory in their own lifetimes.

Its the jihad, stoopid!

5 thoughts on “Lessons from 9/11? What Lessons?”

  1. Of course all we need now is for the good ol’ US to give the Arab League it’s full backing and the IslamoNazis have their Lamb cornered.

    When are the strong countries going to stand up to the Tap turning Arabs and tell em to shove their oil. Or should that be ‘turd tapping Arabs’.

  2. “What did America do to provoke such hatred?”…

    Easy to answer that one. When the US went against European policy made with the insistance of the Arab League for the sake of the so called Euro-Arab Dialogue they made themselves a target for the Islamo / Communist / Anarchist, right wing tools. Any country that didn’t succumb to the EAD is blacklisted.

    Oh what a lovely World we live in. Give that Brevik man a medal.

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