Greens move to rebuke Bernardi

If Australians allow the  Reds and the Greens to run the country, this will be our new flag:
Totally in the tank for Islam. Could it be their pet Muslims who are whispering in their ears?

You really wonder whether these deranged people ever pick up a book or if they hear voices, like Muhammad, the meshugga profit of Islam.

THE Greens today will ask Parliament to condemn Liberal senator Cory Bernardi for offering to help controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders in his trip to Australia.

Mr Wilders has compared the Koran to Mein Kampf, called the prophet Muhammad a paedophile and said Islam was not a religion, rather it was a totalitarian ideology.

Ignorance is bliss. Rest assured that our Greens know nothing about Mein Kampf or the Koran and they don’t have any intention to do so anytime soon.

Other news:

Here’s what Australia’s Greens support: Kristallnacht.

Last week it was reported that Senator Bernardi met Mr Wilders and offered to help him when he visited Australia, prompting calls for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to dump him from the front bench.

The Age understands some Labor MPs have inquired about meeting Mr Wilders should he visit Australia.

Greens spokesman for multiculturalism Richard di Natale will move that the Senate condemn the invitation by Senator Bernardi to Mr Wilders and call on the Senator to withdraw that invitation; and if not for Mr Abbott to intervene.

”Senator Bernardi has expressed similar views in the past and there should be no room for extremists like Bernardi on Tony Abbott’s front bench,” Senator di Natale said

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  1. I learned about Kristallnacht at school.Do they still teach it?
    In other news today:Peter Fitzsimons won some medal for contributions to literature? He isn’t literature’s bootlace.
    Now I can die utterly disappointed.

  2. The average Aussie is utterly fed up with this muzi crap. The Labor government is circling the drain and only the terminally naive believe the Watermelons. I went to defend Max Brenner’s last Saturday- even the Green students in my neighborhood say it’s not right to target private businesses.
    Winston Churchill said:
    The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

  3. Even if I was not totally biased in my support of Cory Bernardi I would ask two questions –
    1. Are the Greens objective about anything?
    2. Does Richard di Natale think for one second that anyone outside his own party ( and maybe Julia) really value his opinion?
    Congratulations to the Labor MP’s who are willing to meet Mr Wilders

  4. I thought they would try to hang Cory Bernardi, those born-again Nazis, with their Fuehrer Brown and JewHater in chief, Rhiannon nee Brown. There is only one greeting they should get: SIEG HEIL !

    I would just hate to be a tree or animal if these Greens were the only ones in my corner, as to being a courageous Politician like Cory Bernardi, this pack will hound him down with all their nasty means.

    BRING ON A DOUBLE DISSOLUTION !!! before Australia hits the iceberg whose top we are starting to see in the increasingly shameless pack in which the Greens hunt down anyone who swims against their stinking efluent.

  5. Folks – you have to shout brown and his fellow idiots out – WRITE to your representatives in canberra.

  6. Unfortunately, the way I understand it, these Green Nazis have tenure for 7 years (I think), the majority just only having been voted in. The only way (again as I understand it) is a change of government and then the new leader achieving a double dissolution. The timeframe for this is at least 2 years and they can (and do) wreck Australia so badly in this time frame.

    For instance they are behind that so-called “inquiry into the media” which is nothing else but a personal vengeance by the Green’s Fuehrer, Bob Brown against the News Limited press in general and Andrew Bolt in “personal”.

    It is quaint to equate the rise and rise of the Grens to the rise and rise of the Nazis in Germany, but it’s also valid!

  7. all I can say you better listen to Mr Wilders every chance you get. and others that tell the truth. your government sounds as stupid as ours in the USA. study and learn. act for is great place. Jihad watch .com is another.

  8. The basic problem here in Australia is the total ignorance of political islam and its doctrine as applicable to we kafirs.

    Our politicans are also woefully ignorant in this regard.

    They still believe (on both sides of the fence) that multiculturalism is a wonderful thing.

    Get ready folks for the disgusting smear campaign that the left are going to mount against Gert Wilders and Cory Bernadi.

    They are ignorant and without morals.

    Gert Wilders is no less than a hero for the stand he has taken against violent politial islam and jihad.

    He is not an extremist; he is a highly intelligent man who has seen the future and what it portends for we in the west unless we wake up from our somnabulism and start to take the fight to the ideology of political islam.

    And when nonentities from the green side of politics start their yapping and whining they just reveal to us that there is very little meaningful activity going on between their ears.

  9. Bernardi to Savva: who else would you silence?

    Andrew Bolt – Thursday, September 15, 11 (12:02 am)

    Australian columnist Niki Savva on Tuesday gave Opposition Leader Tony Abbott this advice:

    He should shuffle out at least two shadows. One is (Cory) Bernardi, and the other is Kevin Andrews. Bernardi because he is a serial offender on Islamic issues… Despite Abbott’s denial, Bernardi did offer to help divisive Dutch politician Geert Wilders with his proposed visit to Australia. Once again Bernardi embarrassed his leader, and infuriated his colleagues, who believe his behaviour threatens votes in western Sydney. This is not limiting free speech; it’s about Bernardi not knowing or not caring that he has crossed a line.

    Senator Bernardi responds:

    Dear Ms Savva,

    We have never met but I have generally enjoyed your take on politics in the pages of the Australian. I also note you have shared your opinion in the media on several occasions in regard to my political career.

    Most recently, you called for my sacking from the frontbench (on both Insiders and in the Australian) for “serial transgressions on Islamic issues” and infuriating my colleagues by crossing some arbitrary line.

    While you are entitled to your opinion, I do find your judgement on this occasion to be rather incongruous with mainstream opinion and question the consistency of the application of your standards of public accountability.

    It is hardly a secret that I extended an informal invitation to visit Australia to Geert Wilders. I wrote about it months ago and the disclosure caused no reaction whatsoever. That is because such an invitation is a courtesy extended at almost every international meeting by almost every visiting politician.

    You may not like Mr Wilders’ political stance but he commands a larger vote in an open and tolerant democracy than the Greens party in Australia and provides vital political support for the Dutch government. Mr Wilders’ electoral appeal is in response to a range of successive policy failures that have many in the Netherlands (and western Europe generally) concerned about the direction of their country.

    I wonder if you would be calling for my sacking if I invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali – a former Dutch politician who is under constant protection because of her criticism of Islam – to Australia. On her most recent visit she was featured on the ABC, hosted at various functions and was even sponsored by a State government to attend an event.

    Given the similar concerns voiced by Wilders and Hirsi Ali, I would be horrified if the difference in their treatment by politicians and sections of the media was related to gender or ethnicity.

    You might also recall there was another outspoken critic of Islam who was hauled before a hate speech tribunal in Canada – Mark Steyn. Over 200 people attended a dinner with Mr Steyn in Old Parliament House when he was invited and funded by the Howard government on a visit to Australia. By your reckoning this would count as another ‘ transgression on Islamic issues’ that would apply to many of my colleagues.

    But why stop there in exposing the egregious sin of meeting with opinionated people?

    Continue reading ‘Bernardi to Savva: who else would you silence?’

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