"Polygamy Raises the Position of Women"

Sure thing. Nothing raises a wife’s position more than having to fight with another 3 over the scraps that fall from the pasha’s table:

When was the last time you looked at your children’s textbooks?

Georgia public school material: “When the prophet Muhammad spoke in favor of polygamy, he intended to raise the position of women”

 At least in once great Britain they don’t have to fight over scraps:

U.K.: Up to 20,000 Muslim polygamous unions robbing welfare system blind

 Even “Baroness” Warsi has acknowledged that fear expressed as “cultural sensitivity” has prevented authorities from going after offenders and stopping the various ruses by which men bring in additional wives from overseas.

Regarding the Georgia public school exercise that praises Islam and polygamy, about which we have written here and here, Pamela Geller has a great deal more here — including pages from the classroom material itself (one of which I have posted above; see more in larger versions at Atlas).  More below the fold….

 He did it for Allah

A Toronto property manager on the run after allegedly defrauding condos of millions of dollars was last seen a week ago in his ancestral village in Bangladesh where he recently built a mansion and an ornate mosque.  (source)

“Pedicure Chink”– the new civility

Laughing at Liberal Hate (Michelle Malkin)

The Devil in Georgia’s Schoolbooks

Free citizens must stand up against this. Please contact Ethan Hildreth, the superintendent of the Henry County School District, where this material is being used, and explain to him politely that a curriculum that promotes polygamy and veiling of women is demeaning to women and contradicts American notions of the equality of rights of all people, as well as Judeo-Christian notions of the equality of dignity of all people. Tell him that this flagrant advertising for Islam also effectively amounts to proselytizing, of a kind that would never be tolerated in public school material if the religion were Christianity.