Singapores Lee Kuan Yew Discovers a 'Perverted Version of Islam"

In fact, its so  perverted and so venomous, that “the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Singapore do not subscribe to it.”

I wonder how he knows that.

Wikileaks: Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew makes freudian slip about Islam

Lee Kuan Yew, for those who may be unaware, is the man who can be largely credited for creating the economic tiger and success story that is modern-day Singapore, an island city-state in Southeast Asia. Assuming this particular revelation from Wikileaks is accurate, it would make a great deal of sense for Lee to know ‘the score’ on Islam, as Singapore is not only an island geographically, but also an island of ‘infidels’, a nation of majority Chinese in a sea of Muslims, that survives only by staying in the good graces of its far larger and Muslim-majority neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia.

Thus Lee knows full well what he is dealing with in regards to Islam, but also he has likely internalized the ‘dhimmi code’; he knows the dangers of antagonizing Islam or Muslims too openly. It’s worth mentioning that ultra-modern city-state of Singapore has long discouraged anything which might ‘disrupt social cohesion and harmony‘, which includes criticism of Islam. Perhaps Lee should be turning himself in?  From “Singapore’s Lee denies calling Islam ‘venomous’“, Free Malaysia Today, September 5, 2011, via Jihad Watch:

Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew has stirred a hornets’ nest with his remarks about the religion as reported in leaked US diplomatic cables.

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s outspoken former leader Lee Kuan Yew today denied calling Islam a “venomous religion” after leaked US diplomatic cables set off a furore in the multiracial city-state.

One of hundreds of cables from the US embassy in Singapore released last week by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks had Lee as describing Islam as a “venomous religion” in a 2005 meeting with then senator Hillary Clinton.

Danger, Islamophobia alert! Unfortunately, there is no word, however, if the listening Hillary went along with Lee’s Islamophobic notions. Without missing a beat, though, Lee issues a retraction and categorical denial in three, two, one…

“This is false,” the 87-year-old Lee, Singapore’s founding prime minister and elder statesman, said in a statement.

Lee said that he looked up a foreign ministry note of the meeting, and “nowhere does it record me describing Islam as ‘venomous’, nor did I say anything which could have given that impression”.

“I did talk about extremist terrorists like the (Southeast Asian) Jemaah Islamiyah group, and the jihadist preachers who brainwashed them. They are implacable in wanting to put down all who do not agree with them,” he said.

“So their Islam is a perverted version, which the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Singapore do not subscribe to.”

Islam is venomous because Muslims constantly plot to blow up Singaporeans and various things in Singapore?  How could Lee Kuan Yew come to such a hateful conclusion?

Now Lee, having uttered the politically correct, familiar and comfortable lies that all concerned have agreed to (i.e. Islam is “the religion of peace” and jihadists have “hijacked Islam”, etc.), should be able to rest easy. Never mind the truth, but truth counts for very little in the political games of our day and age

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