Sowdi Barbaria Threatens Ezra Levant With Litigation Jihad

Vlad Tepes presents:

Ezra Levant: Saudi Arabian Fascists Threaten Free Speech In Canada!

An advocate for Canada’s oil sands is thumbing his nose at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which wants anti-Saudi TV ads suppressed:

“We caught this foreign dictatorship trying to undermine freedom of the press here in Canada and trying to export its own contempt for democracy, its own contempt for freedom of the press here in Canada,” Alykhan Velshi, founder of the group, told the Toronto Sun.”

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3 thoughts on “Sowdi Barbaria Threatens Ezra Levant With Litigation Jihad”

  1. Will any of the children pictured be Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists? How about a photo of the 2 year old Hanson baby killed with her parents in one of the hijacked planes?

    The organizers must think cameras and photos are a new innovation. How boring and unimaginative.

    But no matter. The lamestream media will go running like the lapdogs they are to publicize it, try to make it interesting, and get some publicity for the “outreach’ effort.

    “Community space”? There’s plenty more available inside Katerina Lucas’ skull.

  2. Ezra’s report is the first time I’ve seen that video segment with bin Talal providing CNN his thoughts on the oil sands at approx. 10:40 .

    That very brief yet extraordinarily candid admission should go viral immediately. Here’s what bin Talal (self assumed regal title intentionally unrecognized, given 9/11 topping off 14 centuries of disgusting hegemony)

    “We want the price to be between seventy and eighty. Not only for the West, but also for ourselves. We don’t want the West to go and find alternatives because clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more they have incentive to go and find alternatives.”

    Again, Thank you Ezra, & WoJ!

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