WTF? Australia boosts aid to Libya…?

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Libya is a rich country with almost no foreign debt. There is no reason for Australia to support the Islamic thugs in cahoots with al Qaeda that are now about to turn Libya into another sharia ruled theocracy.

THE federal government has boosted the level of aid to the International Red Cross to assist the people of Libya.

Acting Foreign Minister Craig Emerson was poised to announce an additional contribution of $4.6 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross at a meeting on Libya in Paris tonight.

The money was assigned from Australia’s existing aid budget, boosting the total assistance to the crisis in Libya, where rebel troops have seized control from the Gaddafi regime, to $41.1 million.

“With this assistance, the Red Cross will provide urgent medical assistance in conflict areas, as well as food and water in Tripoli,” Dr Emerson said.

Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side

Statements of support for Libya’s revolution by al-Qaeda and leading Islamists have led to fears that military action by the West might be playing into the hands of its ideological enemies.

Update: “Islam will be the law of Libya”


“It will also contribute to the removal of explosive ordnance and unexploded devices from civilian areas so people can return home safely.”

Australian aid funding had enabled food, shelter, water and medical care to be delivered quickly, Dr Emerson said.

Australia had also supported the sea evacuation of more than 2000 people from Misrata by the International Organisation for Migration in May, when the city was being shelled.


4 thoughts on “WTF? Australia boosts aid to Libya…?”

  1. Peter Hitchens on Arab Spring: “It looks to me pretty much like a football crowd armed with AK-47s and bazookas, with the added ingredient of Islamic militancy. Why am I expected to like it?”

    What he said. Indeed, NATO’s intervention in the Libyan revolution is the apotheosis of fantasy-based policy making, driven by the expectation of realizing a politically correct fairy tale narrative that must end “happily ever after” because someone has invoked “freedom.” “We’re cheering on a football crowd with AK-47s, who could be worse than Gaddafi,” by Peter Hitchens for the Mail on Sunday, August 28:

    The moment has come to admit that I loathe the Arab Spring and almost everything about it.
    It looks to me pretty much like a football crowd armed with AK-47s and bazookas, with the added ingredient of Islamic militancy. Why am I expected to like it?
    For we are all supposed to approve of it. Every media outlet, every politician, every church pulpit, treats it as an unmixed Good Thing.
    Not me. I look at these wild characters in baseball caps and tracksuit bottoms blasting ammunition into the sky (often killing or injuring innocents far away, but they don’t care) and I am mainly thankful that they are a long way off.
    Just because existing regimes are bad, it does not follow that their replacements will be any better. The world has known this since the French Revolution of 1789, when bliss and joy turned to mass murder and dictatorship in a matter of months.
    The test of any revolution comes not as the tyrant falls, but two or three years later, when the new rulers have shown us what they are really like. Power can be given (not often) or taken, and shared out in different ways. But it never ceases to exist.
    Egypt’s upheaval has already begun to go bad. Libya’s has been plastered with danger signs from the start. The anti-Gaddafi rebels are an incompetent and fractious mess. They have already murdered one of their own leaders.
    And – I think it very wrong that this aspect is played down so much – their victory would never have happened without Nato providing them with an air force, as it did for the equally suspect Kosovo Liberation Army in the early days of Blair.
    We have given them the military gifts of cool self-discipline, long training and competence which we ought to reserve for ourselves and for protecting our own freedom and independence. If they don’t possess them, I don’t think they deserve to rule a country.
    The official pretext, that we are ‘intervening to protect civilians’, is lying hogwash and should be laughed at every time it is used. In the past few days – according to reliable reports – Libya’s rebels have been guilty of indiscriminate shooting into civilian areas and the brutal and arbitrary arrests of suspected opponents.
    According to many reports, black Africans in Libya have been a particular target.

    It is false to claim, as some instantly will, that by saying this I am defending Colonel Gaddafi. I am not. He is indefensible.
    The questions are these: Will what follows be better? Will the burned, bandaged bodies, the crammed morgues and the hospital wards full of stench, screams and groans have been worthwhile? Were we right to take sides?…
    ….How strange that, more than half a century after the Suez bungle finished us as a Mediterranean power, British military force is now in action again in North Africa, bolstering a farcical yet sinister army in pick-up trucks whose aims we don’t even know.

  2. Surely this aid money would be better spent helping the still suffering Queensland flood victims or aiding our neighbours in New Zealand who have been devastated by a horrific earthquake. To aid a country that has done a great deal of the destruction to itself seems to be aiding radical Islam in taking control of Libya.

  3. Why give aid to Libya? It is a wealthy country with no foreign debt.
    NZ is 18 billion in debt..there is now no money left for any further disasters. It is very likely that Christchurch will have more quakes this year. We are still having them ; so far about 8,000 in one year, roughly twenty a day. Unbelievable..thanks for thinking of us..islam is a crock.
    I have just finished reading ”Eve’s Bite” by Ian Wishart. His conclusion is really interesting , that globalization fits very neatly into world wide islamization; that muslims have no love or feeling for nation states..statelessness and UN control aids the easy spread of global immigrants they have no loyalty to any state , only loyalty to world wide islam. Inreasingly , western people are subject to UN laws and law makers which we have never voted for and can not easily get rid of.

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