Australia: the jiziya flows, the jihad continues…. and our language changes

Do you speak dhimmi?

Australian politicians succumb to political correctness, can’t utter the words “Islamic terrorism”  (BNI)

Fantasy-based policies cost Australia dearly. Here goes another 9.7 million down the Islamic sewers. But we will soon find out Islam will cost us much more than money,

When Labor’s Attorney-General Robert McClelland promised he would  “change the tone” of the public discourse on terrorism and ‘rebuild bridges with marginalized Islamic communities’   failure was as certain as night follows day.

Now, almost 4 years later, our polit-props are  wearing their shoes out  on the way to the rapidly growing mosques. And the jiziya flows like the Yarra.

As always,  the enemedia is complicit:

A few years behind the trend, but  not quite as degenerated as the surrender monkeys on the British isles,  our political geniuses  have finally adopted a new language for declarations on Islamic terrorism. In fairness one should mention that none of  ours have bought into the stupidity of the Jacqui Smith variety, who in all seriousness demanded that  fanatics will be referred to as pursuing “anti-Islamic activity”,   that extremists were behaving contrary to their faith, rather than acting in the name of Islam. All in an effort to woo Muslims.

But we’re not far from it:  for   example, the Australian dhimmis call it everything from “violent homegrown extremism” to “radicalization at the grass roots level” to “disaffected young people.”

Everything but what it is – Islamic terrorism!

Ah yes, a new website ‘against homegrown extremism?’ Works like a charm, sure!

SBS News – Government website to tackle extremism

Notice the grand mufti of Australia  in the vid above  doesn’t speak any English. This mental giant has been here for 20 years.

Poster randy:

It is a mortal weakness to muslim eyes when westerners use weasel words to tiptoe around the subject without clearly and strongly identifying the ones doing this. To add insult to injury, they interview this so-called “Grand Mufti of Australia” who clearly obsfucates by stating how radicalism “is not restricted to a particular sex, religion or nation. It is found everywhere.” That is a silly P/C ploy designed to not offend the “religion of peace” uttered by the “must not offend” crowd of weakling, cowardly libtards who just stepped off of the “short bus of multicultualism.” Grand Mufti of Australia? WTF? He doesn’t even speak English! There should never be a grand Mufti of Australia, or any other non-muslim nation, ever! It’s an insult to all those Diggers who died from Ottoman Turkish bullets at Gallipoli.

Ol’ Bob:

The Australians, following Englands lead, are predicting our future. As long as we allow the Manure Stream Media to consider CAIR as the spokesman for muslims everewhere, we will be fown the tubes. They are nothing more than a litigious, radical, terrorist supporting agency with aims to advance the agenda of uncivilized svages brought to our country by a sham president who wishes to “islamize” America.

We would be wise to watch these savages in their demonstrations in England now. It will happen here as long as the liberal progressive weenies allow it to. There should be no special accomidations for muslims that are not furnished for any others, including the radicals.
No more footbaths at public funded expense. No more muslim only schools paid for by taxpayers. No more special rules allowing women to go in public looking like spectors of death. No more special accomodations for employees that allow them to discriminate against cistomers.

We can do it or not. If we dont stop these 7th century throwbacks from demanding special treatment, we can look at England and see our future.

Appeasement really works:

The simple answer would be to close down mosques in Australia and ban the koran- AKA the ultimate terrorists manual.

More of the same:

The role, funded by a $100,000 federal grant, has been welcomed by Islamic leaders but slammed by some media commentators.

Full of fear:

A Sunshine Coast MP says he may be accused of discrimination in wanting stricter identification laws in Queensland.  (ABC)

Photo: Peter Wellington says his Private Members Bill is not meant to target women who wear burqas.

(Sounds like ‘Achmed the dead terrorist’ is not Muslim……)

Independent Peter Wellington plans to introduce a Private Member’s Bill into State Parliament this afternoon requiring people wearing face coverings or motorbike helmets to remove them when needed for identification.

He says the law is not meant to target women who wear burkas.

“It’s not about trying to discriminate against different religions,” he said.

He want’s to do something, but is too afraid to ‘discriminate?’

“Islamic Leaders” Need to Approve Our Laws?

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  1. Lets pay ’em so they don’t blow us up:

    UK: Cash Invested in Projects to Help Avoid Extremism

    Handing £138,000 of taxpayers’ cash to community groups will stop Cambridge’s young Muslims turning to extremism, according to a Guildhall chief.Among the beneficiaries of the fund will be a scheme to encourage residents who follow Islam to try sports, which gets £31,900, and recruitment of a co-ordinator for the Bangladeshi population at a cost of £23,600.

    As the News previously reported, the money was handed to the city council by the Government to encourage social cohesion and challenge radical ideologies, and the distribution of it has now been approved by members. Cllr Tim Bick, the authority’s community development chief, said a wide range of projects had been selected. He told the community services scrutiny committee: “This programme is not because we have a problem with armed extremism in Cambridge. In fact, on the contrary, I think we can be reasonably content that’s not the case. The programme before us is to decrease the chance of that happening by improving inclusion and cohesion across the whole of Cambridge.”

    Cllr Bick allocated £15,000 to explore the possibility of setting up an advice service for Muslims in Cambridge, and £6,000 to the YMCA to set up a youth group which will aim to attract both Muslims and non-Muslims. Workshops and discussions will be held on multiculturalism and Britishness, as well as activities such as sport, arts and crafts. A report considered by the committee said £20,000 had already been spent on running the Asian Mela held on Parker’s Piece on July 10. Small grants totalling £41,200 have already been paid out, with recipients including dance competitions, coffee mornings and film-making sessions.

    Cash was also handed to English conversation classes, a monthly Muslim youth magazine, and seminars entitled “Away from Extremism”. Labour spokeswoman Cllr Carina O’Reilly said she supported the projects. She told the meeting: “The nature of this grant means it’s effectively a one-time only offer, so it’s important to get it right.”

  2. “He says the law is not meant to target women who wear burkas”

    I assume he means ‘muslim’ women, us atheists still have to remove our balaclavas.

    Question, Mr. appeaser, sir, how the hell do you know that the person hiding behind the disguise is actually a muslim women and not an escaped male, kufir bank robber?

  3. Seeing that the grand poobah reassures us (in arabic) that terrorism is not just restricted to one religion – in the interests of fairness and multiculti awareness – where are the Hindu and Buddhist , Sikh and Christian (OK, .. and atheist) anti-terror websites?

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