Awlaki Palaver

Here’s a bonus in the smoking of Awlaki:

Underwear bomb maker also roasted  in strike on al-Awlaki.  Samir Khan, who was a top English-language propagandist, also went to the virgins. More on this story.

Update: Officials: Al Qaeda Bombmaker Not Killed In Awlaki Strike

They were foolishly overconfident to travel together.

While the usual suspects tie themselves in knots over the legalities of Al Awlakis assassination, for the Russians this modus operandi is nothing out of the ordinary. On orders from the Kremlin, Russian agents have been liquidating Chechen terrorists abroad. Turkish investigators suspect that a Russian was also behind the latest killings, the recent murder of three Chechens in Istanbul. Some believe the operations are being planned from Berlin.

Somali pirates have learned their lessons and stir well clear of Russian ships. The only way for Somali pirates to live a bit longer – avoid Russian vessels.

 Awlaki Mosque Rats Defiant; blame America’s ‘legal framework’

“We were told not to talk. The media makes this look like a house of terror. We just come here to pray,” said one man.

He “was known for his interfaith outreach, civic engagement and tolerance in the Northern Virginia community”, said a statement from the mosque on Friday.

Totally innocent, an upright example of a good Muslim…..  terrorist….

The mosque was adamant that it does not condone violence or extremism and said that the targeted killing of Al Awlaki raises questions about America’s legal framework. “We have rejected the use of extra-judicial assassination of any human being and especially an American citizen, which includes Al Awlaki,” the statement said.

Al Awlaki is not the only person associated with Dar Al Hijrah that has cast an unfavourable light on the mosque. Nidal Hassan Malik, the man behind the Fort Hood shooting, attended the mosque in 2001 when Al Awlaki preached there. It is alleged they kept in contact.

Jason Burke from the Grunard tries to whitewash Islam, fails miserably:

Awlaki had no religious qualifications and almost no religious education beyond his own patchy reading. This appears largely to have centred on the main extremist thinkers of recent decades – such as Sayyid Qutb and Abdullah Azzam – rather than texts of established theological importance. During this period he met and developed a close relationship with two of the future 9/11 hijackers.

Though there has been much conjecture. and despite clear indications that the young preacher was known to many participants, no solid evidence has emerged linking Awlaki to the 9/11 plot.  (half-baked leftist drivel is nauseating…)

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  1. To those mainly American jingoistic morons wildly celebrating the death of Anwar al-Awlaki I say this. To all the jingoistic name calling Yanks gloating about the death of an American CITIZEN and posting your bloodthirsty moronic joy on line. Just open your minds and THINK.
    Obambi has now established the precedent for his REGIME being allowed to act as Judge Jury and EXECUTIONER to American CITIZENS without any due process of Law whatsoever.
    This is the SAME HYPOCRITICAL DISGUSTING REGIME which will not even allow the mention of Islam and Terrorism in the same sentence nor will they allow clearly defined acts by Mohammedans to be described as Terrorism and they are giving FOREIGN Muslim Terrorists their MIRANDA RIGHTS and CIVILIAN Trials.
    But they are quite happy to KILL an American CITIZEN while at the SAME TIME seeking to call Water Boarding Muslims as TORTURE and calling Gitmo a CONCENTRATION CAMP and seeking to PROSECUTE the CIA members who did it.
    Now if Patriotic jingoistic morons want to stamp their feet and cheer this disgusting HYPOCRISY by your PRESIDENT and his REGIME then shame on you.

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