Boycott Hyatt!

Michael Coren on Pam Geller’s cancelled Hyatt Place Houston event

Pamela Geller:

Hyatt hotel caves to Islamic supremacists

In “Hyatt quislings cave to Islamic supremacists” in WND today, Pamela Geller weighs in on the cancellation of her event in Houston by a dhimmi Hyatt hotel under pressure from Islamic supremacist enemies of free speech and truth:

Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the Shariah, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslims countries living under the Shariah). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America, as I saw vividly Tuesday night when I spoke in Houston, Texas. But free people and free speech ultimately prevailed, despite the best efforts of Islamic supremacists to crush them. Hyatt’s cancellation of a tea-party event at which I was to speak, and the reaction of freedom lovers to it, best illustrates why I wrote my book “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”: to show what Islamic supremacists are doing in America today, and how we must fight back.  (Read it all.)

“Backlash” in Toronto:

Ann Barnhard Gets  a Dose of Quisling Moonbattery; Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop and Café cancels speech:

 Barnhardt has received death threats, most recently after the posting of her Quran-burning video on YouTube, where it has been translated into 10 languages including Arabic.

“Watch your back,” a Muslim living in Britain wrote. “I’m going to kill you when I find you.”

Barnhardt did not seek police help. She replied, “You don’t need to ‘find’ me,” then listed her address in Lonetree.

“Luckily for you, there are daily direct flights from Heathrow to Denver,” she wrote, then gave detailed directions to her home. (source)

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  1. Barnhardt is a real hero. I read the comments on the linked site, and the ignorance of many of the commenters agreeing with the cancellation is amazing.

  2. Hyatt hotels are now Islamic Sharia compliant and now non-muslims are not welcome? this is what this episode tells me and it should be taken that way by those that value freedom through out the world.

  3. Agree JS. I would be interestd to know if the “brave” musselputz that thretened Bernhard was brave enough to provide its address. I suspect not – islamists are violent cowards.

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