Cultural Suicide

Another Day, Another Mosque:

“It resembles the Taj Mahal in India”– Mr. Malik said the new mosque is needed because the current one is at capacity with about 400 members and because more Muslims are living in northern Markham.  (From York Region via Vlad Tepes)

Bunglawussi sees ‘bigots’ everywhere. Now here’s a guy  suffering from ‘Bigottophobia’

Bigots” oppose Blackpool mosque – but they’re only concerned about parking problems, honest

There must be thousands of bigots, according to the Blackpool Gazette:

Thousands say no to mosque

“The mosque is for everyone to use in the community.”– Muslims say.

A PETITION with 3,000 signatures has been handed over to council bosses as residents stepped up their protest against an “illegal” mosque.

Business owners on Waterloo Road, South Shore, believe the Noor A Madina Mosque is operating illegally as it was opened before planning permission was granted.

Where are  the Mosque Busters when you need ’em?