Da'awa USA: Segregation is Beautiful and Abraham was Obedient When Allah Told Him to Sacrifice Ishmael….


In an effort to work with other faiths, a Lower Makefield mosque opened its doors to the community for an educational event to teach about Islam.

Translation: Musel-missionaries ‘invite’  the kafirs to become Muslims.

Members of the Zubaida Foundation* on Sunday discussed Hajj, a pilgrimage in Islam, and Eid Al Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice that marks the end of the pilgrimage. They also highlighted that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have one person in common: Abraham or Ibrahim.

Nothing in common. Muhammad was not a Jew, he murdered Jews and raped their women.

“Abraham had two sons,” said Lee Phillips, whose Arabic name is Nour. “One line became the Jews and Christians. The other line, the Muslims.”

Islamic fairy-tales.

Before converting to Islam eight years ago, Phillips attended a Unitarian congregation. She married a Muslim man, but converted before their marriage willingly, she said. Her life and beliefs, Phillips said, haven’t changed much since her switch because although the religions are different, the goals are the same.

Lost. A space cadet.

“They match perfectly,” Phillips said. “Islam teaches to do good work, pray often, keep God in mind no matter what you’re doing, and want for your brother before and what you’d like for yourself. My life has been enriched. I have more peace.”

The peace of islam can be found in the grave.

Phillips was among the Islam men and women offering to share and teach their faith to the several Christians and Jews who attended the event.

For Joe Martin, a member of the Emilie United Methodist Church in Bristol Township, his time at the mosque was great, he said. However, he wished more Christians would have attended.

“It’s important that Christians, Jews, and Islam work together, be good neighbors and understand each other better,” he said. “There’s so much misunderstanding on religion lines. … Muslims are so misunderstood.”

F*kc where did I hear that before?

Larry Snider said it’s important for people to feel comfortable around other faiths. So he’ll encourage for more activities to bring faiths together at his synagogue, Kehilat HaNahr, or The Little Shul by the River in New Hope. Snider is president of Interfaith Community for Middle East Peace. He’s attended events at the Lower Makefield mosque since 2002.

There are too many kumbaya Jews, its pathetic.

The event was kicked off with a lunch, followed by Muslim speakers who explained their religion. The Muslim women kept their tradition by sitting in the back of the mosque with the children and entering through a different door from the men, who sat up front. However, Christian and Jewish women sat up front.

Segregation is a beautiful tradition? Really?

Mubin Kathrada, a religious speaker, said “the pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca) is a celebration of obedience.” About 4 million believers will perform the five-day pilgrimage to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s obedience to Allah.

Kathrada told the packed house to study Ibrahim’s two challenges and how he overcame them.

Ibrahim was commanded by Allah to leave Hajara, his second wife, and his first infant son, Ismaeel, in a desert. And the second, Allah commanded him to sacrifice Ismaeel.

Abrahams second wife was Keturah, not Hajara.   God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. The Islamic version is as fake as Isa, the Muslim Jesus.

“These were desperate and stressful circumstances, but Ibrahim, may Allah be pleased with him, obeyed without question,” Kathrada said of Allha’s first request. “What do we learn from this episode? We learn to recognize obedience.”

As for Allah’s second command, Kathrada said, “What lesson do we take away? Prophet Ibrahim, may Allah be pleased with him, is calm, focused and controlled. There’s no fear, panic or anxiety in his communication. … Prophet Ibrahim makes no effort to swing or influence the decision in any way.”


Who is behind the Zubaida Foundation:

* Harun Yahya, an anti-Semitic Turkish writer whose articles demonize Jews who support Israel as “godless” and blames them for committing atrocities. One article penned by Yahya quotes French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy and another cites Yahya’s own book titled “The Holocaust Deception.”

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