Education Jihad: Euro Kidz Being Brainwashed into 'Respecting' Islam

From Islam Vs. Europe via Vlad

The picture is from La Roche in France. The newspaper headline says “School pupils immerse themselves in Islam at La Roche mosque”.

Jihad terror against non-muslims, rape of infidel women, wife beating, polygamy, FGM, honor killing: these kids will be properly indoctrinated to ‘respeck it’.

Here’s a photo from something similar in England. Look at the evil-looking Muselman dressed in white. He is clearly  enjoying himself as the little blonde white girls bow down in front of him. Aisha sends her regards….


This is really horrible. Are the parents of these kids clued in or are they totally ignorant? Thanks Cheradenine Zakalwe for keeping an eye on this!

And this here is from Austria, where the imam actively proselytizes the little kiddies in their schools; there are no subtitles, its in German. But even if you don’t understand the language, you can see what’s going on:

Opposing Homo Promo in Public School Gets Teacher Suspended


Teacher Suspended for Criticizing  Attempts to Homosexualize Children

‘So what if I’m against blatantly displaying homosexuality anywhere but especially schools? So what? That is not a crime!’ she wrote.

Since degenerate moonbats can’t dispute her remarks, they are trying to punish her into silence.

 No one in their right mind would want the government running schools.

4 thoughts on “Education Jihad: Euro Kidz Being Brainwashed into 'Respecting' Islam”

  1. How did the girls and female teachers get away with not wearing headscarves? Here in CHCH, NZ they were told they had to wear headscarves on a school visit and there was a big to do when a teacher asked WHY? S.Khalid Yasin was brought over to deal with the media; the publicity having been sparked by a father going straight to a Sunday paper.
    I think many parents are unaware of just how brainwashed their children are in state funded schools in particular.

  2. “Und wann lernen wir alles über Frankreich und Deutschland und Österreich und di’ Schweiz?”

    Some of those children looked as though they were trying not to laugh, but most just look puzzled, Grown Ups do weird things sometimes, just nod and ignore them.

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