Halloween Jihad: Zombie Muhammad Attacked by Muselmanic Psycho

Pennsylvania: Muslim attacks atheist for insulting Muhammad

The victim posted a video of the incident to YouTube. In the video description the victim writes:

Oct 11 2011 in the Machanicsburg City Parade I was attacked by a violent muslim IN AMERICA! This is proof that muslims want Shria Law in America. He attacks me to pull my beard off so he could identify me and chokes me.  I understand many will say I deserved it, but no one has the right to abridge my freedom of speech and violence is never the answer to freedom of speech. Islam is a religion of Peace? not the case here.

He could object all he wanted. He could tell the “Zombie Muhammad” guy in no uncertain terms that he considered his costume offensive and insulting. But when he physically attacks him, he is crossing a line that we have not often seen crossed in America. Are we going to stand idly by while our traditions of tolerance are eroded away, for fear of incurring charges of “intolerance”? Can a tolerant society indefinitely tolerate the presence of adherents of a radically intolerant ideology?

“Zombie Muhammad? Atheist attacked by Muslim during Halloween parade,” by Michael Stone for the Examiner, October 12 (thanks to JW):

Tuesday, an Atheist wearing a “Zombie Muhammad” costume while marching in a local Pennsylvania Halloween parade was attacked by a Muslim.

Friday Night Zombies (Zappa)

According to reports, the Parading Atheists of Central Pennsylvania (PACP) were marching in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania,when a Muslim stormed out of the hometown crowd to assault one of the marching atheists who happened to be wearing a Zombie Muhammad costume.

The atheist in the Zombie Muhammad costume was proclaiming that he was the Prophet Muhammad, risen from the dead. Apparently the words and costume offended a Muslim man, who came out of the audience and began to follow and harass the atheist dressed as Zombie Muhammad before actually choking the atheist.

Subsequently, a police report was filed, and charges in the matter are pending.

Emma Garcia gets it:

In islamic law, culture, religion, customs, you name it… attacking an individual who is perceived as insulting to islam, allah, and/or mohammad is not only legal, it is righteous and demanded (and rewarded in heaven by allah, himself).

All over the world we are forced to keep quiet about islam (a cult of war and death) and it’s false prophet (a child raping, boy licking, wife stealing (from his own adopted son), sex addicted, slave trading, lying thieving maniacal homicidal sociopath and all around scumbag, mohammad because we FEAR the THREAT of violence.

islam has taught the non muslim world that violence works… that the threat of violence works.