'Homophobia' implies That 99 % of us need to be locked up in reeducation camps

We used to lock up homosexual predators. Now we lock up those who oppose the perverts.

Police say they are not sure whether criminal charges will be laid against Bill Whatcott for distributing homophobic flyers to homes in Centretown’s Golden Triangle on Oct 10. Ezra Levant is onto it. (BCF)

‘Homophobia’ implies that heterosexuals are somehow abnormal and need to be reeducated; not only to tolerate perversion, but to wholly endorse it and teach their children to become cross-dressers.

I’m not buying any.

It continues with a debate between Ezra and a journo by the name of David Akin who insists on hate-speech laws:

“I would love the government pass a law that says we all have to love each other”

More from Canada:

Imagine the scandal if Tremblay had been a priest. We’d never hear the end of it.

Feiz Mohammed on Homosexuals

One thought on “'Homophobia' implies That 99 % of us need to be locked up in reeducation camps”

  1. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and STEVE. If he had done so and Homosexuality was Mankinds ‘NATURAL’ state then there would logically be NO MANKIND. This Homo propaganda must stop they are waging war on Judeo/Christianity, Marriage and heterosexuality. And in this they are supported by the Godless Politically Correct, Multi Cultural, Islamophilic moonbat left .

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