Islam Causes Jihad, and Jihad Causes Poverty

The Best Example is the jihad in Thailand

Look what’s causing “impoverished, marginalized” Muslims:

Jihad against teachers

The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.

And that, my friends, is Islam+jihad= Poverty in a nutshell.

A complication for the shell game known as “underlying causes.” It is a politically correct article of faith that Islamic supremacism and violent jihad must stem from something other than Islamic texts, teachings, and traditions, and poverty and lack of education are popular diversions. Failing those, the report cited below, which was apparently found in the abandoned British ambassador’s residence in Tripoli (oops), looks for others.

What remains unanswered amid those conjectures is why the response to those difficulties in life, including bereavement and loneliness, leads so often to violent “radicalization” for Muslims in Britain, as opposed to, say, members of the Anglican Communion from far-flung corners of the world. “The middle-class terrorists: More than 60pc of suspects are well educated and from comfortable backgrounds, says secretM15 [sic] file,” by Abul Taher for the Daily Mail, October 17 via JW.

Two-thirds of British terror suspects are from middle-class backgrounds and those who become suicide bombers are often highly educated, a classified MI5 document reveals.

The paper, marked ‘Secret: UK Eyes Only’, also debunks the myths that terrorists and suicide bombers are ‘loners’ and ‘psychopaths’.

Instead, the security service says that 90 per cent of them can be categorised as ‘sociable’ and have a high number of friends.

The 200-page document, titled Radicalisation Of Muslims In The United Kingdom – A Developed Understanding, was found by a Mail on Sunday reporter in the abandoned residence of the British ambassador in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The research paper, which was intended to be read by only MI5 agents and officers, was produced after studying 90 terror suspects investigated by the security service.

While some of the information in the document comes from the interrogation of suspects, other data came from surveillance by spies and informants. The report gives a rare glimpse into how security service agents view Islamic extremists, and what MI5 believes are the main causes of Muslims becoming radicalised.

While the report says that Western foreign policy and the perception that ‘Islam is under siege’ plays a role, they are not the main cause.

Instead, the four causes of radicalisation are:

Drum roll:

[1] ‘Trauma’, such as the death of a loved one: Ten per cent of terror suspects became radicalised after a life trauma, says the report.

[2] ‘Migration’: A third of all extremists ‘migrated to Britain alone’.

[3] ‘Criminal activity’: Two-thirds of the sample had criminal records.

Acts of violent jihad allow them to channel those thuggish impulses for a “good” cause.

[4] ‘Prison’: Muslim prisoners who are not religious are often radicalised in prison. The report identified 60 known Islamist extremists operating in British jails.

The study says that the ‘mean age’ at which a Muslim becomes radicalised is 21.6 years, while anyone between the ages of 16 and 32 is regarded as vulnerable….

2 thoughts on “Islam Causes Jihad, and Jihad Causes Poverty”

  1. The paper, marked ‘Secret: UK Eyes Only’, also debunks the myths that terrorists and suicide bombers are ‘loners’ and ‘psychopaths’.

    I disagree. Jihadists are psychopaths. Anyone whosuccumbs to the cult ideology of Islam and allows oneself to become brainwashed turns into a psychopath.
    Let us not forget that many serial killers have been known to be sociable, outgoing, family oriented. It doen’t take a loner to be a psychopathic killer.

  2. Basically agree with Al Kidya. In fact, if one examines the various islamist sites available on the internet net, for example copes (?) “looneywatch”, one can see clear symptoms of the malaise that effects all islamists in the denial of the violence that is inherent in islam. The old KGB would be proud of these “people” in their obfuscation of the obvious.

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