Musel-Prop on Oz TV

Muselprop on TV, Muselprop in the workplace, Da’awa in kindergartens,schools, universities….. Da’awa for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Da’awa in Your Living Room

Muslim organisation MyPeace to show commercials espousing “Islamic values” during top-rating TV shows

THE Muslim organisation behind the provocative “Jesus is a Prophet of Islam” billboards will begin screening a TV commercial espousing  “Islamic values” during some of our most watched programs.

The commercial, believed to be the first to promote Islam on national television, features several excerpts from the Koran to show that Muslims share similar values to Christians.

The commercial will begin screening in Sydney from Friday on Channel 7 and Channel 9 during Sunrise and Today and mid-afternoon news bulletins, and for at least the next six weeks.

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17 thoughts on “Musel-Prop on Oz TV”

  1. Absurd stupidity beyong belief..australia is being islamised and the entire country is going to become an islamic sh+thole, just like pakish+tstan,afghanish+tstan and the rest of the muslim world/ open sewers!

  2. What – no beheadings? No stoning to death of adulterers? No hanging of homosexuals? No killing of Christians? No family photos of Dad with his 4 wives and dozens of offspring? No beheadings of non-muslims? No murdering of daughters, wives, sisters? No rapes? No amputations of limbs? Perhaps they did not have sufficient time to include these and other atrocities in their TV ad. Maybe in their next ad? Maybe?

  3. Meanwhile, nothing changes – the Judeophobia continues in spite of the dawa:

    University forum with Israeli scientists ‘offends Muslims’

    [UNIVERSITY of Sydney scholars set to exchange ideas with visiting Israeli experts on neuroscience, tissue regeneration and other cutting-edge research areas are being warned the event will offend potential Muslim undergraduates.

    Associate Professor Jake Lynch, director of the university’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, has urged his colleagues to withdraw from the research gathering, and the university administration to cancel it.]

    1. “Associate Professor Jake Lynch, director of the university’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies”-

      – a fraud from beginning to end. With almost certainty a professional agit prop, a polit-commissar of what was once COMINTERN. All these professional so-called ‘ Peace and Conflict ‘ studies departments are not only a waste of money for pseudo-science, but for dumbing down our students, for misdirecting necessary debates and for creating problems only they can solve, like the ‘global warming’ fraud.

      In this case, the perp not only comes with the mental baggage of the Jew-& Israel hating morons that unite Marxists, Nazis and Muslims, but has the audacity to hide behind his pseudo-science “Peace and Conflict Studies” to attack real science (neuroscience, tissue regeneration and other cutting-edge research areas) that is actually useful and can save lives.

      On top of all he brazenly hides behind “cutting-edge research event will offend potential Muslim undergraduates”– not. This is intolerable. This must not be tolerated. This is Australia, not Nazi Germany.

      Rest assured that Associate Professor Jake Lynch is a nasty creature and operates a false flag operation.

      Interested readers might do their own research on Jake Lynch, you might be amazed at what you will find!

      Told ya:

      Without digging, one Google click:

      Professor Jake Lynch: Why the Flotilla Massacre Shows We Need to Take Action Now


      A massive and cynical misdirection is underway. Israel is not the victim here. Those killed were humanitarians intent on delivering aid to Gaza, not gun-toting commandoes who descended from the night sky.

      This was an act of piracy, in international waters, on the definition of the International Maritime Bureau: “the act of boarding any vessel with an intent to commit theft or any other crime, and with an intent or capacity to use force in furtherance of that act”.

      In the same article, Lynch also mentions Antony Loewenstein favorably, and calls for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.

      These guys sound worse than Chomsky disciples…..

      Did I mention Chomsky?

      Here we go, another Google click:

      The Sydney Peace Foundation is heartened by the overwhelming response to the announcement of Professor Noam Chomsky as the 2011 Recipient of the …

      Check out the other ‘winners’, you might wanna puke.

      John Pilger, Irene Khan & Wikileaks rapist Julian Assange are Gold Medal winners!

      Jake Lynch is also a member of the ‘Toda International Advisory Coucil’, check out some of the names on the first page and you can smell the camel dung: The Ex-nun-com-Islamo-apologist Karen Armstrong is listed as a “Religious Historian” among many Mohammeds, Hosseins etc, etc…. check into the funding of this operation, you’ll be surprised at what you might find.

      Lynch is also on the board of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, of which Richard Falk is a prominent member.

  4. I may be a little slow but to state the obvious here “The Sydney Peace Foundation” and “The Centre For Peace and Conflict Studies” seem to be nothing more than Islamic front groups.
    All Australians, not just the ones who read here, need to understand this . Is it possible to use the media like the Islamists’ are to get our message out?

  5. Our taxpayer funded enemedia is totally in the tank for Labor, Muslims, Multiculti and ‘social justice’.

    Thank heavens for the internet!

    That’s why they are so eager to censor us. If the Conroy’s-Browns & Gillards & Krudd’s get their way, well be no different from North Korea, China or any third world dictatorship within a year or two.

  6. Exactly Sheik – we run counter adds, highlighting every false claim the mohammadans make, with counter-examples provided.

  7. Make your suggestions here:

    Muhammad was a pedophile

    Muhammad was a serial rapist

    Muhammad was a contract killer

    Muhammad was a genocidal warlord

    Muhammad was…..

    Fill in the rest yourself……………

  8. No it is not enough – it may be the truth but we need to hear the media admit it. We need to wrest our media back from the enemy camp.

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