"Its like rape…"

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Egyptian woman tells of the humiliation of being publicly deflowered on the floor of a bus station on her wedding day

Apparently, ‘Public Deflowering’ is a common Muslim practice in Egypt where the bride and groom’s families surround the couple and watch to see if the bride is still a virgin. If she is, the marriage will take place, if she is not, she will be killed at worst, shamed for life at best.
Other Muslim women talk about sex with their husbands as being akin to being raped.

“Shut your mouth, go home and forget about it”

Enter an outraged female reporter who confronts the rapist, screaming, “Have you no shame?” “You raped a 6-year-old baby, you raped somebody’s little daughter, then you hide behind your religion?”People like you should be hanged or you will keep raping little girls.”

Bravo to this reporter with the gigantic cojones but it will be a miracle if she herself doesn’t get a beating for humiliating a man that swine. She’s really beside herself …..

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  1. I suspect that the reporter was probably sexually abused when she was much younger as well. She is being couageous, and I pray that she will be ok.

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