Malaysian Obedient Wives Club: "A Wife Should Be Better Than a First-Class Prostitute"

“The group is growing rapidly…”

Malay Wedding with obedient wife (look out for the imam, most likely an Arab who had caucasian ancestors…)

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Dateline takes a trip down the aisle to find out the secrets of a happy marriage… Malaysian style.

A growing number of brides are members of the Obedient Wives Club, and when they vow to obey their husbands, they really mean it.

Wives should be ready to satisfy their husbands at any time, according to the club’s female president, and if one wife isn’t enough, three more are not just permitted, but encouraged.

Adrian Brown meets one man, who has a roster for spending time with each of his four wives, and struggles to remember the names of his 23 children.

But women’s rights groups are appalled, and there are concerns about links to the founder’s radical Islamist movement.

WATCH - See Adrian’s insight into the Obedient Wives Club.

9 thoughts on “Malaysian Obedient Wives Club: "A Wife Should Be Better Than a First-Class Prostitute"”

  1. Our moderate islamic neighbours!!!! Just proves, once again, that islam is a sex cult for muslim men. I used to feel sorry for the women of islam but they are as bad as the men. They want to drag all women into their sordid sexual cult. I would also bet that these women have had their genitals mutilated and would no doubt be happy to hold down screaming little girls to be tortured as well. Have they no self respect ?
    How could any slightly intelligent woman be happy with polygamy. We give our tax dollars to these barbarians, it makes me want to VOMIT

  2. Some time ago , Sheik I posted on how a Malaysian guy came to NZ and started one of these clubs in Auckland..even tho polygamy is illegal here..You asked me for his name..It is Zulkifli Hamzah .
    It is very likely that there is branch of this ”club” operating in Australia.

  3. @Open Your Eyes Australia

    Interesting description of Islam and Im inclined to agree. If you look at the teachings and ideology of this pseudo-religion it really can be recast as a sex cult for men. Misogyny is central to the teachings. Woman are merely here for the pleasure of men. Its time the feminists stopped being so blatantly silent…

  4. To “The Will” thanks for your comment. My path to enlightenment about islam started when I began to wonder if islamic immigration would be allowed if it were men who had to have their penises removed to keep them pure? Would muslims be allowed into Australia if it were the women who demanded that men be covered because the women were unable to control their sexual urges at the sight of male hair? Would muslims be allowed into Australia if their teachings gave lesser value to men? I was raised a strict Catholic (1950s – 1970s) and Catholic women were taught that we must dress modestly because men were less able to control their sexual urges than women. Women of my Mother’s and my generation were at the vanguard of women’s liberation and had to stand up and say “No” we will not accept responsibility for mens’ sexual urges and so the young women of today can dress as they please without fear of censure and with the knowledge that if they are assaulted in any way, then our laws will support them. The journey to enlightenment has been a steep learning curve and I now believe that there is no place for islam in our Western Judeo/Christian Democratic way of life and Australia should stop islamic immigration now as a show of support for all free women. I am offended at the lack of respect shown to women by all those who support islamic immigration. It is a pity that more Australian tax dollars are given to the islamic community than to those of us who want to expose the truth behind islam

    1. ” It is a pity that more Australian tax dollars are given to the islamic community than to those of us who want to expose the truth behind islam”–

      Its not “a pity”, its suicidal stupidity.

      We are not getting any Australian tax dollars at all.

      We are being slandered and vilified, threatened and sued.

  5. Wasn’t meant to last:

    Malaysia bans “Obedient Wives Club” sex manual that suggested group sex in polygamous unions

    What are these club members looking at? No, wait, don’t tell us. Alas, in any event, it looks like there will be no more “Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World.”

    “Malaysia bans Obedient Wives Club sex manual,” by Sam Jones for the Guardian, November 3:

    The Malaysian government is to ban a sex manual written by the head of an Islamic sect that teaches women to “be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom”, for fear it could cause religious confusion.
    In the 115-page book – entitled Islamic Sex – the founder of the Obedient Wives Club outlines her experiences of, and opinions on, marriage. It has passages on how couples should physically and spiritually approach sex, and claims that most women only satisfy 10% of their husbands’ sexual needs.
    Club leaders, who argue that a wife should serve as a “good sex worker” and a “whore” to her husband, showed the book to journalists last month in an effort to dispel what they called misconceptions that it was obscene and demeaning to women.
    They said the book, which contains no explicit photographs, was intended to be a spiritual guide read exclusively by club members to help them better understand sex.
    Many Malaysians have denounced the club, saying it makes a mockery of modern gender roles in a country where women hold prominent posts in both the government and the private sector.
    A spokesman for the home ministry said the government’s Islamic affairs department had studied the manual and recommended a ban on the grounds that it may confuse Malaysian Muslims about what constitutes acceptable religious teaching.
    People caught in possession of it could be fined up to 5,000 ringgit (£995), the spokesman said, and anyone who makes copies for sale could be imprisoned for three years and fined 20,000 ringgit.
    Representatives of the club did not respond to calls made to them on Thursday. The club is believed to have at least 800 members in Malaysia and has branches in Indonesia, Singapore, Jordan and Britain. Many members are in polygamous marriages, insisting the practice helps husbands to avoid committing adultery.
    The club’s international vice-president, Rohaya Mohamad, explained the club’s provocative pronouncements in an interview with a Malaysian paper earlier this year. “Eve was created because Adam had needs,” she told the Star. “Men have [sexual] needs which they can’t control. And if the needs are not fulfilled, men will find another woman. God created them like that.”

  6. I think people should be allowed to do what they want. If the women are in agreement with this, then who has the right to judge. People like impossing there beliefs on others whether it be religious or not. But seeing as how both sides are in agreement here I don’t see whats wrong.

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