"France is Christian and Must Remain So"

Thanks to Cheradenine Zakalwe who is really doing a stellar job to get the word out:

The video shows Christians protesting in Paris against ‘Christianophobia’. They shout “Ça suffit, Christianophobie!” [Enough Christianophobia!] and hold up a banner saying:

“France is Christian and Must Remain So”


Secret French Intelligence Report on Islam in Marseilles

If individuals who have been radicalised to the point of supporting the jihadists are rare,fundamentalism has progressed to the point where it has won over the majority of the Muslim population.

There is an astonishing article about Islam in “Kriminalpolizei”, an Austrian magazine for professionals from various branches involved in dealing with criminality: police, judges, academics, etc. It is written by Alfred Ellinger, founder of the “Vereinigung österreichischer Kriminalisten” [Association of Austrian Criminologists], which publishes the magazine. Ellinger is also a criminal judge and vice-president of the Eisenstadt Regional Court. Titled “Between Dialogue and Jihad”, the article goes over the doctrines and history of Islam with unusual candour. It concludes with a resounding wake-up call for Europe.

Let us indulge in no illusions. Europe will be the battlefield for a major struggle between the order of Islam and its enemies. 40% of the population in Arab countries is under 14 years of age. 15 million Muslims are already living in Europe today and the ageing of Europe is unmissable. The Muslim threat was beaten back in Castile, Southern France and, finally, in front of Vienna. But today the border between Europe and the Islamic world is porous, and the threat to Europe is clear.

…If Europe does not very quickly abandon its utterly failed immigration policy, the vision of a “multicultural society” and a misguided tolerance in dealing with hate-filled Islamists, the constantly repeated calls for “dialogue” and “tolerance” will lead to undreamt-of problems and new politically-motivated wars of religion in our cities.

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  1. Will Ellinger be the next Elizabeth Sabaditch Wolfe and drug before the ‘thought crime’ courts?

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