3 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Islam and Halloween”

  1. Pat–what a scream ! That guy is talented ; he can make us laugh out loud and teach at the same time. I enjoy his videos SO much ! I imagine he is doing a great favor to the world by giving it his videos and opening eyes and minds to the truth. Everything like that helps; it’s turning out that the internet is a dynamic force in getting the truth; the inconvenient truth , and the facts about Islam to the people. We may be the only reason many people gain understanding of the true nature of Islamism . Be proud, all you internet warriors- you ARE making a difference and that, today , is vital….if we want to help bring the citizens of western society the perspective they need to help fight Islamic impossition !

    Pat deserves much praise, btw. He’s got guts- and fire. Say thank-you to him !

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