Switzerland: “That’s Enough. Stop Mass Immigration!”

The Australian (h/t Vlad Tepes)

Swiss party heading for victory wants to ban immigration

True to form, the writer of this article makes it sound as if there was some kind of problem with Germans:

“We have the problem that there are too many coming from Europe and especially from Germany. They always say they are qualified people but we are not talking about professors of chemistry, it is just anyone who has a degree at university now,”

Germans with university degrees are the least of their problems. Switzerland has huge problem with bloodthirsty Muselmanic thugs and their partners in crime who want to remove the cross from the flag.

 ‘’Over the last five years we’ve had about 380,000 immigrants come to this country – that’s about the population of the city of Zurich – and we are a small country of 7.8 million,’’ the general secretary of the SVP, Silvia Baer, said.


Swiss Parliamentarian, Oskar Freysinger, Delivers Rousing Anti-Islamist Speech In Berlin Germany

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  1. Switzerland: Thousands sign petition for illegal immigrants

    Via the Local:

    The usual suspects:

    The Swiss government has received a petition calling for it to regularize the status of undocumented foreigners living in the country.

    A coalition of more than 100 non-governmental organisations is behind the campaign, with the petition — signed by 20,000 people — presented to the government on Thursday. Led by the Sans Papiers movement, the campaign has been underway since last May and also includes trade unions, and centre-left parties such as the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party.

    Headlined ‘Stop hypocrisy’, the petition calls for an end to forced expulsions and for undocumented migrants to be given legal status and issued work permits.

  2. good luck you will need it. muslims move in and next thing they start demanding wanting every thing their way. watch out they will be raping all the little girls and little boys because alllah says it is ok huh

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