The Tolerance Police & the War Against Christianity

Homosexuals brainwashing our children in elementary schools

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos below are from It’s Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists.  These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York.  It’s Elementary is meant to be a training video for homosexual activist teachers across the country. In addition, the film itself has been shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America.Watching this will really affect you! You will not believe what you are seeing.  (Video’s here)

And who’s behind it?

USDA demands gay-sensitivity indoctrination for all federal departments, says “heterosexism” = racism

Michael Coren Tells Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Gays, Indians, Frogs, Unions,Teachers, Etc:

STFU Already!


 The Special Rapporteur for Health, Anand Grover, claims Abortion is a “Human Right”

 New York (LifeNews/CFAM) — At UN headquarters this week, governments dismissed a high level UN bureaucrat’s claim that abortion is a human right and went so far as to scold him for overstepping his mandate. (source)

Check who’s behind it: Spooky Dude!

The Tolerance Police Are At It Again  (Culture Watch)

It’s a good thing the tolerance brigade are tolerant; just imagine if they were not tolerant! But I jest of course. The tragic truth is, there is a no more intolerant lot on earth than those who ramble on the most about tolerance. In the name of tolerance they have become the most intolerant, censorious, narrow-minded and bigoted bunch around.

As I document on almost a daily basis, the tolerance police are ever on the prowl, always looking to impose their coercive utopian agendas on anyone who dares not embrace their radical agenda. Anyone who not only dares to act differently, but think differently as well, will be in the crosshairs of the PC police.

Consider one of the latest examples. An Englishman was demoted and had his pay docked by 40 per cent. How come? Did he steal from the company? Cheat in his work? Run off with the office secretary? Nope, far worse: he simply said he thought homosexual marriage was just not on.

Here is how the press covers this episode: “A housing manager has been demoted, and his salary slashed, after he criticised a controversial new gay rights law. Adrian Smith, a Christian, was found guilty of gross misconduct by his publicly funded housing association for saying that allowing gay weddings in churches was ‘an equality too far’.

“He posted the comment in his own time, on his personal page on the Facebook website, which could not be read by the general public. But after a disciplinary hearing, he was downgraded from his £35,000-a-year managerial job to a much less senior £21,000 post – and avoided the sack only because of his long service. Mr Smith, 54, is now taking the association to court, arguing that his punishment was out of proportion and his right to free speech was ignored.

“Friends said last night the father of two had been ‘shocked and distressed’ by his treatment and would now face financial hardship. Campaigners attacked the housing association’s decision – the latest in a series of cases in which Christians have clashed with employers – as a ‘complete over-reaction’ by an organisation ‘drenched in political correctness’.”

Have you noticed how in the great majority of cases here Christians are the ones being targeted? It seems Christianity is the number one object of the PC thought police, and an unofficial war has been declared against any Christian who dares to act on his faith in the public arena.

The tolerance police have declared open season on Christianity, and a full-fledged purge now seems to be underway all over the western world. Communist Russia had the KGB and East Germany had the dreaded Stasi, and now in the once free West we have the PC thought police, imposing their totalitarian version of tolerance upon the rest of us.

Indeed, this is nothing other than a new witch hunt as one English expert has warned: “British government officials and employees have become the new witchfinders general, ‘obsessively’ searching for the slightest deviation from the doctrines of political correctness, a legal expert has told ‘The obsession with hate crime and hate speech has created a new generation of publicly paid heresy-hunters,’ said Neil Addison, an expert in religious discrimination law.”

Indeed, he and others have roundly – and rightly – condemned this latest case of “tolerance”: “Addison, a practicing barrister and the author of a textbook on hate crimes legislation, said, ‘When I was a child, people in England used to say “I can say what I like, it’s a free country”. That is certainly no longer the case in Britain today. The Adrian Smith case is only the latest and possibly the most extreme example of the fact that British public bodies have ceased to have any respect whatsoever for the principle of freedom of speech.’

“On November 15th an employment tribunal in London will begin to hear the case of Margaret Forrester, who was sacked from her job as a mental health worker because she had shown a pro-life booklet that said women suffer from mental health consequences after abortions to colleagues.

“Addison is representing Forrester in his capacity as Director of Thomas More Legal Centre, an organization that assists Christians suffering from officially endorsed religious discrimination. ‘She, like Mr. Smith,’ Addison said, ‘was disciplined and ultimately sacked simply for expressing an opinion. I think Stalin would feel quite at home here.’

“The Smith case has generated outrage among some media commentators, even some on the left, who have said the trust’s action is a case of political correctness gone too far. Ally Fogg, writing on the far-left Guardian’s website, said that Trafford Housing Trust ‘couldn’t have got things more badly wrong.’ An editorial in the Daily Mail accused the trust of ‘despotic behavior.’

“Cristina Odone, a novelist and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, noted that in today’s Britain, dominated by secularists, it is the ‘brave soul’ who admits publicly to being a Christian. Expressing a dissenting opinion based on religion, she noted, ‘can ruin your professional life even when it is expressed in private.’

“‘Nonconformists [Puritans] more than 400 years ago found that they could not express their beliefs in a country where the established Church brooked no argument. Today, the Establishment is made up of secular individualists ready to run nonconformists out of the public space, if not yet out of the country,’ Odone wrote. ‘Being taken for a cretin, a creationist and a chauvinist is not much better than a spell in the stocks’.”

Yes quite right. This is at bottom a diabolical assault on everything Christian and decent. The PC tyrants are determined to wipe out every last vestige of Christian thought and influence in the Western world. And one of the greatest driving forces of this is the militant jackboot brigade, the homosexual lobby.

They will stop at nothing to push their agenda, and silence anyone who dares to offer a contrary voice. These new champions of “tolerance” are the most intolerant and Stalinesque group of thought police around. The case of Adrian Smith is simply one of the latest examples of this.

Many, many more such cases will emerge, unless the rest of us start getting a bit of backbone, start speaking out, and refuse to be intimidated by the PC police.