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Feds Foil Iran-Linked Terror Plot

Every Muslim is a Soldier of Allah

US Muslim Manssor Arbabsiar, pictured here in a mugshot has been named in a federal complaint in an alleged Iran-backed plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. , and bomb Saudi and Israeli embassies in the US (Courtesy Neuces Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Jihadists teamed with Mexican drug cartels in Mexico (long infiltrated by Hizb’allah) to launch a massive Islamic attack in the United States and assassinate the Saudi ambassador in America. (More from Pamela Geller Act of War)

 It’s automatic: Iran blames “Zionist” hand in assassination plot arrests

You probably saw that coming. More on this story. “Iran rejects US plotting accusations,” from Iran’s own Press TV, October 11:   Iran blames “Zionists”

“Pants on Fire”

Fast & Furious

Two things to know about Attorney General Eric Holder: He lied to the American people — under oath, before Congress — and thus is unfit to investigate allegations of criminal negligence in the Justice Department.

This is why House Republicans have called for a special prosecutor to investigate Holder for apparent perjury regarding his testimony on the administration’s “Fast and Furious” gun sting — during which the US armed Mexican drug cartels with 2,500 high-powered, military-style weapons. (More)

 Terrorists are people too:

 ‘Occupy Boston’ Holds Rally for Accused Terrorist Charged with Planning ‘Violent Jihad’ Against U.S.

He conspired to attack a shopping mall, American soldiers abroad and two members of federal government.Read More »

Muslims vs Wall Street

Muslims Call for Mass Friday Prayer at Wall Street Protests  (Atlas)


The Spooky Dude Connection:
A Chicago-based “Occupy Wall Street” protestor is allegedly getting paid — more than many Americans with actual jobs — to protest corporate greed and the unemployment rate in the United States.
A creative solution  to enrich the poor…..
Dalliman’s Banana Boat:

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