UK: Child Abuse, Madrassas, Talibandits, The EDL and No EU Referendum

Prepare for Christmas Bombings!

THE Talibandits are planning a campaign of Christmas carnage in British cities, a warlord warned yesterday.

Commander Javed Karmazkhel Wazir — of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan — claimed 200 suicide bombers and assassins are ready to launch attacks.  He said: “We have prepared squads of holy warriors who will target people and government facilities in London and other big cities of the UK.”  And he said their recruits looked “liberal”, adding: “You will not see bearded men or veiled women doing this.”

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Tommy Robinson interview BBC radio Oct 24

If the BNP is vile,  then why is it that they have not called for the destruction of England, which the people the EDL protests against have done very openly countless times.  (from the comments)

Note that in the second part the criminal mudslinger Wyman Bennett comes  on with a well rehearsed  rant against Tommy Robinson. The Radio Jock doesn’t find it necessary to give Tommy a chance to reply.

The terrorist narrative  that anyone opposed to Islamic terrorism  is a racist against all muslims has been used by terrorist supporters since the day after 9/11. Its purpose is to delude muslims into thinking non muslims are against them in the hopes that this will induce them to join the terrorist cause.

It is also meant to intimidate people from presenting anti Islamization views publicly.

When someone uses that rhetoric it means they are really a terrorist sympathiser.

Brilliant little clip on British policing

The joys of socialized government. Non-existent police and anti-gun laws that guarantee that robbery is a save, profitable occupation in the UK.

Daily Mail

What IS going on in Britain’s mosque schools? Beatings, humiliation and lessons in hating Britain

If you say you care they tell you to mind your own business. If you say you don’t care they call you a racist-bigot-Islamophobe:

“Anyone with ‘less than a fistful of beard’ must be avoided ‘the same way you stay away from a serpent or a snake’, some children were instructed. Non-Muslims were referred to as the ‘infidel'”

The punishment is almost medieval in its cruelty. Victims are forced to crouch down and hold their ears with their arms threaded under their legs. Beatings are often administered at the same time. 

This brutal practice has its own name: the Hen, so called because those forced into the excruciatingly painful squatting position are said to resemble a chicken.

It is the kind of shockingly degrading treatment you might expect to feature in an expose of torture techniques, like say, the use of waterboarding (simulated drowning) on terrorism suspects. You’d be wrong, though.  (Daily Mail has more)

A recent Government report concluded that over the past decade, Al Qaeda followers have used Britain’s madrassas to radicalise young Muslims.

Gee, I’m totally baffled how that could happen…..

David Cameron knows, no, he  is sure, absolutely sure that Brits don’t want a referendum on EU membership:

The debate on the issue was prompted after a petition was signed by more than 100,000 people, calling for a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the EU, leave it or renegotiate its membership.

The government was expected to win easily – and even if it had lost, the result would not be binding on ministers.  (Al Jizz is pleased)

‘US of Europe total disgrace, collapsing as we speak’

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  1. islamists – you can attack London, after which the PC morons will be replaced and you, and all islamists will simply be exterminated. Your choice.

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