America is in a bad way; Australia falling behind….


Given the tidal wave of moral depravity washing out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, you can only laugh when the hippies screech about the supposed corruption of people who create wealth instead of coercively feeding off others. If OWS is the naked face of liberalism, then it is moral corruption in its impurest form. This is as true in Australia as it is the USA: Corrupting Kids at Occupy Melbourne

Melbourne needs to do some catching up. At Occupy Dallas, they’re already raping the children. At Occupy New Hampshire, they pimp them out as prostitutes.

But forget everything for a moment: Brigitte Gabriel Rocks!

Brigitte Gabriel explains how our taxpayers money,  paid to the Arabs for the oil we drill, transport, refine and distribute, comes back  to bite us in the ass. Behind enemy lines, the Arabs use our dollars to pervert education, bribe our children’s teachers and indoctrinate our children to hate their own country.

America is in a bad way:

Never running out of stoopid:

 ‘Successful Obama Policies’

Mullah Omar Praised His Fighters For Forcing the “Greatest Enemy of Islam” from Afghanistan

 Mullah Omar praised his fighters for inflicting severe damage to the “invaders” and forcing the “greatest enemy of Islam” from Afghanistan.

Obama say, America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.” Even if they are at war with us?

What Obama Considers Diplomacy, the Taliban Considers Defeat By Ahmad Majidyar thanks to Pamela Geller

Obama endorses “getting rid of America”

 Occupy LA Video: ‘Get Rid of America and Everything it Stands For’ Right Wing News

The Occupy Whatever movement — if it can be called a movement — is at its heart a hate-America movement. With each new video we see this more and more and this cretin at Occupy Los Angeles is just one more example.   An avowed communist, like so many of these people are, he feels that America is the chief evil of the world and needs to be destroyed.   (Pamela Geller) 

Thanks to Obama’s ‘successful policies’ Iran will shortly … have nukes!

An existential crisis that will plague us, our children and grandchildren is unfolding, and the president sworn to defend us doing his usual ineffectual foreign policy dance around it.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, no war drum beater itself, is about to reveal that Iran is on the cusp of possessing nuclear weapons, having mastered the critical steps necessary to make The Bomb.  (source)

Boston: Lice Infested Occu-buggers call for ‘Intifadah’, occupy Israeli Consulate

An alarming video of an Occupy Boston mob targeting the Jewish state’s consulate with chants of “Long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!”  (source)

Ron Paul is nucking futz:

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  1. Oh, Sheik. Thank you for posting this! Yes, she does rock. Talking of OWS, I wonder what those young and bloodthirsty people would do if they had to face a real enemy like the generation before me did during WW2 (a repetition of which is looming):

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