Another Muselmaniac runs amok in Spain….

…which would make it the third,  or is it the fourth case this year?

Earlier this year:

A Muslim beheaded a British grandmother in the town of Los Cristianos in the Spanish Canary Islands. The man called himself a “prophet of Allah”.  The Bulgarian Islamic Jihadist cut off her head and ran through the streets carrying her bloody head.

And here’s the latest offering: 

The assailant “was stabbing at everyone, completely drugged.”   (BNI)

A young (Musel-)man stabbed and killed a 65-year-old man in the Bilbao district of Santutxu and injured six others before being constrained by local residents and subsequently arrested by local police.  Muselmaniac  Goes on Knife Rampage in Spain

 But not only in Spain, it happens elsewhere too:


Meanwhile, the Koranimals show us that they really CAIR:
CAIR completely ignored the burning of a dozen churches and the massacre of over 130 Christians by Islamists in Nigeria - and instead spent the week trying to pretend that a gathering of  praying Christians in Detroit is a security threat to Muslims.. (TROP)

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  1. I hear they claim to be uncomfortable about the cross,are they satanists and if they had so many problems with western culture they can leave and good riddance.

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