Australia: Police fear freed Islamic jihadists could return to jihad

Why wouldn’t they? Nothing was done while they were in prison to disabuse them of their jihadist notions. Do Australian authorities expect them to have become “moderate” by osmosis? “Police fear freed Muslim extremists pose a threat,” by Keith Moor for the Herald Sun, November 14 (thanks to JW):

These Muslim extremists have been allowed to walk free. Herald SunTWO Muslim extremists who were accused of plotting a deadly terrorist attack are back on Melbourne’s streets after being freed last week.

Police fear Aimen Joud and Ahmed Raad still pose a threat, as there is no sign their anti-Western beliefs changed in prison.

“Their radical and extreme views remain a concern,” one investigating officer said yesterday.

“While local police will be aware of where they are living, and will keep an eye on them when they can, there is not the manpower to do it constantly.”

Police Association secretary Greg Davies said it was disturbing that the pair were likely not to be watched around the clock.

Police secretly taped Joud and Raad laughing while watching and discussing sickening jihadi video footage of Muslim extremists beheading hostages and killing US soldiers.

Australian-born Joud, 27, and Raad, 28, were senior members of a homegrown terror cell run by Muslim cleric Abdul Benbrika.

They were freed eight days ago, after serving non-parole terms of just six years behind bars….

3 thoughts on “Australia: Police fear freed Islamic jihadists could return to jihad”

  1. I think I am going to vomit. Who is going to take responsibility when the islamic community manages to kill some of us filthy kuffars. I would be choosing the Greens especially sarah hanson-young and her evil side kick lee rhiannon who are both traitors for supporting the invasion by criminals who destroy their documents. And yes I do believe the illegals do have an ulterior motive for invading Australia

  2. They just keep coming. And they’re not coming to become Australians, they are coming to make Australia Islamic:

    Yet another
    Andrew Bolt – Monday, November 14, 11 (10:05 am)

    One of the biggest:

    One of the biggest asylum seeker boats to arrive in Australian waters this year has been spotted by authorities but it will not be intercepted until later today.

    The vessel was spotted yesterday afternoon by an aerial patrol, about 90 nautical miles north of Christmas Island. It is understood to be carrying at least 100 people but a large tarpaulin obstructed a clear view of the passengers.

  3. Start sinking the boats carrying the “enrichers” and they’ll soon choose ports in other countries.

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