Deja Vu: Iranian "Students" Storm the Embassy of Once Great Britain

“Death to England”

Between Great Satan USA and little satan Israel the armies of Muhammad have identified a new old foe: little great Britain.

“Hardline students” climbed over the embassy’s gate, rushed to the building and started showering it with stones and petrol bombs. Some of the protesters managed to get inside the building and were reported to be throwing documents from the windows.

Meanwhile, a separate group of protesters broke into another British embassy compound and seized classified documents, official Irna news agency reported.

VIDEO: Police stand by as Iranian “students” storm British embassy in Tehran – hostages?  (Vlad Tepes blog)

Unconfirmed reports also circulating, originating from Iranian Mehr news agency, that either six or eight embassy staff TAKEN HOSTAGE

Not to worry, though: thanks to Dr Sherifa Zuhur from the U.S. Army  War College we know that hostage taking is entirely un-Islamic. If you suspect that these hostages will be used as human shields for Iran’s WMD sites, like Saddam Hussein did twenty years ago, you are surely a racist bigot Islamophobe. With a bullet!

If you don’t know   Dr Sherifa Zuhur you can look her up  here…..

5 thoughts on “Deja Vu: Iranian "Students" Storm the Embassy of Once Great Britain”

  1. The only solution I see: All civilised (Western) embassies (and other civilised (Western) organisations in islamic countries to close shop and leave and force reciprocation.

    Also, hopefully “someone” (looking at you Israel) will do something EFFICIENT to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.

  2. This is the second time that Iran has violated the convention on Diplomatic immunity. Even Germany or Japan in WWII, did not break diplomatic conventions. The act of invading an embassy is itself an act of war, and it is about time that Iran is made to pay.

  3. And there are still dangerous idiots (in power) who believe that the nuclear “ambitions” of Iran are peaceful.
    Can anyone really be THAT stupid? I dont think so and go with Goodson’s Rule that says:

    “When the consequences of incompetence become indistinguishable from the consequences of malevolence, it is wiser and safer to assume malevolence”

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