Did you have your halal Turkey yet?

Better Not Buy Butterball


Thanks  to Moonbattery

If you’re going to be at home for Thanksgiving, better buy that turkey quick so it has time to thaw. But unless you’re a Religion of Peacenik, don’t buy it from theIslamopanderers at Butterball:

Customer service representatives from Butterball, one of America’s most popular Turkey brands, confirmed to WND that the company’s whole turkeys are — without being labeled as such — slaughtered according to Islamic “halal” standards.

“Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, the esophagus and the jugular vein and letting the blood drain out while saying, ‘Bismillah allahu akbar’ — ‘in the name of Allah the greatest,’” explains Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.” “Many people refuse to eat it on religious grounds. Many Christians, Hindus or Sikhs and Jews find it offensive to eat meat slaughtered according to Islamic ritual.”

The Bible commands Christians to “keep themselves from things offered to false gods” (Acts 15:20). Christians make up over 78% of the US population.

Imam Obama confers his blessings upon a fellow turkey.

Muslims constitute such a tiny percentage (0.6%) that staging Islamic rituals at a turkey processing plant could only be done for sociopolitical reasons: that is, to advance sharia, dhimmitude, and Islamization out of sheer moonbattery.

Beck predicts the Obamster might be reelected:

Beck: Why Obama Will Get Re-Elected

I have to agree with Glenn Beck— they do know something is in the line that the next set of elections does not matter, and here is one part of the equation that I have seen on the Blaze and elsewhere before…

Soros is making sure that the state level people who certify the votes are in his pocket, and he has at least 17 of them last time I could get concrete figures; in the words of Soros himself…

“…You do not need to control the voters, just control those who certify the votes…”

Add to this the probability that when the certification of the election results reach the Congress there will be a challenge set forth like many Democrats tried against Bush in 2000; there is a great chance that if Obama loses in the electorial college, he will get voted into the POTUS again by the Senate.

Also, the world may be in such a mess, and chaos so rampant here at home, he will make a move to seize power completely.

Soros has all but completely rigged the game.

In other news:

Victoria’s Chickens

Road to Perdition: Melbourne’s Chicken’s Aren’t Going Anywhere

Andrew Bolt: Why won’t the police clear the road?

Victorian police refuses to uphold the law and help stop businesses from going broke:

A picket line in Melbourne is being maintained despite a court injunction against it.  PICKETERS at a chicken processing plant have ignored a court order to let trucks and workers enter the factory.

What happened to the rule of law? I thought Victoria had said goodbye to the Christine Nixon school of policing?

Looks like  the new Commissioner has failed his first test.

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  1. Of course our ‘Dear Leader’ will be reelected , the ‘fix’ is in. This type of ‘counting and tabulation goes back to the days of ‘Uncle Joe Stalin’ he was quoted as stating,” it’s not who votes but who counts the votes”. This type of ‘early and often’ and the ‘dear departed’ voting are an old Hudson Co. N.J. and Crook Co, IL election day process.

  2. Beck is a human dildo for my gay sphincter! So are all Muslims…hate Turkey (country +bird)and see Erdogan’s ugly face on the assholes of every turkey, dead or alive

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