Dr. David Liepert, Asshole of the Month

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Dr David Liepert  finds a complicit bunch of kumbaya yodlers at Puff Ho.

In the queer and twisted world of Dr David Liepert Aisha was ‘at least’ 14 when she married the pedophile Muhammad, and his own 16-year-old daughter raised $26,000 in her high school “to combat North America’s growing child-sex-slavery trade.”

Unfortunately, the good doctor doesn’t tell us who is behind this growing child-sex-slavery trade in North America, but with the influx of Arab Muslims and the unhindered spread of  Islam slavery is never far behind.

Not a word about slavery in Africa, in the emirates, in Dubai, Kuwait, the Sudan, Mauritania or in Lebanon;

 In fact, several countries have banned their citizens from working in Lebanon because so many of them are turned into virtual slaves there. Lebanese labor laws offer no protection for migrant workers. Migrant domestic workers beaten and abused by Lebanese Muslim employers, Madagascar called all maids back and stopped them from from working there. Other countries like Sri Lanka are contemplating similar moves.

Remember the Gaddafi nanny?

Remember the Video of Shweyga Mullah, Ethiopian Nanny Burnt And Tortured at Gaddafi house?

On average, Arabs Return 40 Maids in Body Bags Per Month,  but Liepert fantasizes about ‘growing child-sex-slavery trade in North America’, go figure!

For Liepert slavery is growing in North America. He fails to offer any proof, but libtards will suck this up like free kool aid from Guyana.

Liepert also wants us to know that  Muhammad did everything he could to prevent stoning, which hardly ever happens:

 two of the tales tell of transgressors obsessively confessing, and Muhammad doing everything he could to prevent them from making their confessions!

Imagine that! Liepert must be a bigger ‘moderate’ than Tariq Ramadan!

Here is being fisked by blogger Guy DeWhitney over his shameless taqiyya.

And here, thanks to the Tundra Tabloids, he is being fisked for his steaming pile of  BS and Islamic slavery.

 Koran: 33:50 – “Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty.”

Ending Slavery the Sharia Way  

According to Liepert, big old Moe was a real humanitarian:

the International Muslim Abolitionist Movement — believes that true compliance to Muhammad’s example demands that slavery in all its evil forms must come to an end…

Really? Chapter and verse please, doctor Liepert!

Muhammad’s immediate household personally freed almost 40,000 slaves alone.

Bloody hell! Where did they all come from?  Any idea or must I spell it out for you?

Because the message of the Quran, the Sunnah (the acts and words of Muhammad), Islam’s wise scholars and the Salaf (early Islam’s first three generations) is clear: Muslims should have ended slavery long ago.

The message is clear?  Just how, Liepert? 

Here’s a comment from the article in question that nails it:

Well here is the root of your problem: “The Quran declared that slaves had rights and that masters had a responsibility to protect them” That’s great and all….for the 7th century. But the quran also says you cant forbid anything that is permitted.­……That is why as late as the 1960s there were slave caravans taking captured black people from Central Africa to Arabia, and is still a real problem in Mauritania and Sudan, while even the general supervisor­s of al Azhar wont prohibit it from sharia. Your  religion can’t abolish slavery because your prophet was a caveman who never outright forbid it, and why post enlightenment secular humanism wins again.

 The slave trade in Africa  started long before the Arabs were  hunting blacks to sell them to white Europeans and never ended (here, a drawing of 1884)

There’s also an interesting article at PJ media about the farcical “Human Rights in Islam”, which sounds more like a Mohammedan revival movement:

A University of Oslo program reveals that Sharia is alive and well in Norway.

They delightedly applauded the chopping off of hands and feet.  And they didn’t raise an eyebrow when executions committed by family agreement were defended as a reasonable ”human right in Islam.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that we were in deepest Saudi Arabia, or in a long-ago century.  Far from it. We were in an auditorium at Oslo University College, where our future was being hatched onstage.  The place was packed, and the great majority of the young students were wearing clothes that identifed themselves as followers of the Prophet.

Encountering such a faith community doesn’t just make you feel isolated.  It makes you uneasy — about the future.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. David Liepert, Asshole of the Month”

  1. So I guess it’s safe for me to say that wherever Christianity goes (or whatever belief system you belong to) intolerance and the debasing of other faiths follow. Get your facts right. Read the source instead of relying on secondary information. And stop being such a racist ****tard.

  2. @Schezarnie. There is no racism here. Islam is NOT a race, but a religious and lifestyle choice.

    The Source, i.e. the Koran in it’s original form is a equally ugly and hateful as the examples from the ‘source’ listed above.

    Assumption is a terrible thing. The vast majority of people here on this site have had first hand negative (repeatedly) experiences with Muslim savages and peasants, mostly living in the West. We do not live our lives based upon secondary sources, but through repeated analysis from source of origination.

    Christians and specifically Christian charities, have done more for third world shit holes, then their own governments and own people. That includes: feeding, clothing, education, medical care and in some cases employment.

    This site is beyond your capabilities and understanding of what goes on in the wider world. Go back to the servile and gullible sites where you and like minded posers can continue to self righteously slap each other on the back for your phoney worldliness.

  3. Well it’s similar isn’t it? But my mistake. I’m not saying anything against Christianity or any other religion. I’m aware of all the good that is done by Christian volunteer groups in third world countries. But to actually set up and actively maintain a site full of debasing and factually questionable content against Islam? And to support it to on the basis that the Quran is ‘ugly’? On the basis that the people are somehow too different to fit into a modern society? On the basis that you don’t understand our ways? It speaks a lot about your worldliness.

  4. What about Islam is not a race don’t you understand? Some people are really thick.

  5. @reddog333, Indeed. Some people are thick.


    There is no debasement here, only freedom of speech. You don’t have to like it or look at it. Go somewhere else where your sensitivities aren’t bothered.

    Please provide examples and proof of questionable content.

    I maintain my stance from my previous post, “The Source, i.e. the Koran in it’s original form is a equally ugly and hateful as the examples from the ‘source’ listed above.”

    You said, “On the basis that the people are somehow too different to fit into a modern society?” Don’t create an over generalization to deflect a point. I never said, ‘People’. I mentioned a specific subgroup that are adherents to a barbaric ideology who by their own voice and actions have reveled in their own backwards lifestyle choice . My statement is supported by many of the stories and images on this site and various MSM outlets who have captured for all of posterity the truth. Including murderers, where the followers of said, faith have committed acts of filicide on their own offspring for being too, “Western/Modern”.

    Furthermore, As we do not, yet live under a form of tyrannical governance, just because YOU say, the truth be a lie, does not mean that I and the others who frequent this site will blindly swallow your apologist propaganda.

    Yes it does speak about my worldliness. It’s reflective of someone who has lived in enough countries to be cynical about the world and various religions and cultures and the people who live in them claiming piousness, whilst being hateful. Worldly enough to know from first hand experiences from living abroad, just because you are open and accepting of others, does not mean that ‘they’ are open and accepting of you and what the natives really think of you..a foreigner.

    Therefore, I do not go into the world pretending, that if I wear rose coloured glasses, put a coexist sticker on my car and sit in a drum circle that anyone who is different from me in the world is just misunderstood and an automatic victim. Grow up.

  6. Why the ad hominem attack? What does David Liepert being an asshole have to do with anything at all? On the other hand, I found his article was written in a contrastingly calm tone.

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