Good News & Bad News

Obama Administration Burns CIA Spies in the ME

Over a Dozen CIA Agents Caught in Iran, Fear Execution in Middle East

Flashback: Nasrallah Announces Hezbollah Has Captured CIA Spies – Now US Fears More Than a Dozen Spies Will Be Executed (GWP)

Who leaked? The media continues to carry water for the most disastrous President in American history. To call it a “setback” is intentionally misleading and an attempt to minimize the damage.

Americans have to fear for the worst under this president. Too many of Obama’s appointees have loyalties to the enemies of freedom.   (Atlas Shrugs)

Exclusive: CIA Spies Caught, Fear Execution in Middle East

CIA agents spying on Hizballah and Iran caught, feared dead

 Muslims have priority:

Christians in Imminent Danger Across the World Are Refused Refugee Status While Muslim Refugee Immigration Goes Unimpeded  (Atlas Shrugs)

Saif ul Islam’s Missing Fingers

Libyan “rebels” reportedly cut 3 fingers off the right hand of Saif al Islam al Qaddafi, son of Libyan former leader Qaddafi, after they arrested him 2 days ago.

The current Libyan rulers asked the rebels to treat Saif as a prisoner of war and not to abuse him but it appears that they cut off his fingers in retaliation for the numerous times Saif had threatened Libyans opposing his father’s rule by jabbing his finger in the air or at the people “in a threatening, insulting and provocative manner .”  (Source)

Obama gets the finger on Russian TV

RUSSIA: News Anchorwoman flips Barack Hussein Obama the bird on live TV via BNI

Your Taxpayer Dollars Fund Islamic Terror:

The Obama Regime will force American taxpayers to pay the monthly salaries of terror group Hamas  (BNI)

Spain returns to sanity, votes right

 Spanish right celebrates landslide election win:   Spain’s Popular Party (PP) leader and election candidate Mariano Rajoy waves to supporters during the last campaign meeting ahead of general elections. Spain’s right romped towards a thumping victory in general elections Sunday, which would complete a clean-sweep rejection of governments in the crisis-torn eurozone nations.

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  1. The Spaniards, every election period, must look at their history AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN to understand why they must vote for Western conservatives.
    If they do not know about the Reconquista, and shout RECONQUISTA in the ear of every Muslim they see, Spain is not safe.
    You don’t fight a 700 year war because you think Muslim society is just.
    The Spaniards fought the Reconquista because Islam was unjust, profane and evil in thought and deed.
    They stayed focused for a long time.
    Islam must be extremely cruel to have kept them fighting.

  2. It is also doubtful that these people are CIA agents – it is much more likely that the islamic ragheads have just invented reasons to kill several people they could not otherwise get rid of.

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