Iran to Christian pastor: Convert to Islam or die

Hmm, if Ron Paul can’t fix this, who can? (Sarc/off)

The case “should be an eye-opener for world leaders,” but it won’t be.

Iran has sentenced Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to death unless he converts to Islam. 

No Compulsion In Religion Alert, and an update on this story. “Iran presses pastor: Islam or death,” by Benjamin Weinthal in the Jerusalem Post, November 7:

Iran’s government and security apparatus have ratcheted up the pressure on Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to convert to Islam or face execution, Fox News reported on Saturday.Youcef Nadarkhani, now 34, was arrested in 2009 for questioning the compulsory Islamic education of his children and for seeking to register a home-based church. He was sentenced to death in 2010.

Iran’s security officials recently delivered a book on Islam to Nadarkhani, Fox News said. He is in prison Rasht on the Caspian Sea coast.

The Iranian officials told “him they would be back to discuss the material and hear his opinion,” according to the report.

Fox cited “sources close to the case.”

David Parsons, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday the new development is “very troubling.”

There need to be “three attempts to make him convert to Islam before they can kill him,” Parsons said. He cited Shari’a Islamic law as the basis for the threeattempts [sic] rule.

Iran “is going through the motions” and “trying to do it in a very public way for the Muslim world and maybe, in their mind, thinking they can placate the West. It is outrageous,” said Parsons, who is a contributing editor to The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition.

The case “should be an eye-opener for world leaders,” he said. “They should know what Islam teaches in terms of ‘inferior religions’ like Judaism and Christianity.”

Fox News wrote that it secured “a digital copy of the book given to Nadarkhani, a 300-page compilation entitled Beshaarat-eh Ahdein, meaning ‘Message of the Two Eras,’ referring to the New and Old Testaments. Through various narratives, the book claims Christianity is a fabrication and attempts to establish the superiority of Islam.”

Parsons said it “needs to be a priority to hold the Iranian regime accountable.

Governments, even Muslim governments, should not be allowing this. How can anyone find this acceptable this day?” Present Truth Ministries has campaigned since 2009 for Nadarkhani’s release and works to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East. “We cannot wait another moment, we have to contact our elected officials,” the USbased organization urges on its website in connection with Nadarkhani.

Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, an authority on minority groups in the Islamic Republic of Iran, told the Post by phone from Berlin on Sunday that the book given to Nadarkhani, Beshaarat-eh Ahdein, is “religious indoctrination.”

There is “no freedom of opinion or religion in Iran,” he said. The Iranian regime has been closing newspapers and “there is no freedom of conscience” in the Islamic Republic.

The book argues against the Judaism and Christianity, as well as against Bahais and Zoroastrians, Wahdat-Hagh, a senior fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels, wrote in a followup e-mail.

“The fact that Mr. Nadarkhani was given this book makes clear that it does not deal with freedom of conscience, which does not exist in Iran, rather it deals with propaganda…,” he said….

Freedom of conscience doesn’t exist not just in Iran, but in Islam. As Muhammad said: “If anyone changes his religion, kill him.” (Bukhari 9.84.57).

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  1. Islam is nothing but Religious Indoctrination. FORCED Religious Indoctrination. I am a Deist, and have no problem with any organised religion except for Islam, Which I find to be truly repugnant. The bravery of this man in standing up for his beliefs, even under the threat of death is truly to be admired. My prayers go out to him.

  2. Iranian pastor convicted of leaving Islam because “everyone is a Muslim”

    It is so refreshing to see a mainstream media story that actually tells the truth about Islamic apostasy law and about how non-Muslims are victimized in Muslim countries. An update on the Youcef Nadarkhani case: “Pastor convicted for leaving Islam because ‘everyone is a Muslim,’” by Jack Minor in the Greeley Gazette, November 9:

    An Iranian pastor has been convicted and could face the death penalty for leaving the Islamic faith because, according to mainstream Islamic teaching, “everyone is born a Muslim.”
    Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has caught the attention of the world after being convicted for leaving the Islamic faith, even though he says he has never been a Muslim. Nardarkhani, who is facing a possible death sentence has been caught in a catch 22 regarding Muslim teaching.

    While Nadarkhani tells the world that he was never a Muslim that statement is contrary to Muslim teaching. According to Islam, everyone is born a Muslim. Thus, Nadarkhani or for that matter, any person who becomes a Christian or follows any other religion has “left Islam.”

    On page 28, in the introduction of a copy of the Qur’an, printed by Ansariyan Publications in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the translator, M.H. Shakir in the section “Islam and Muslims” states, “In fact, every child that is born is a Muslim. It is the parents who make him a Jew, Christian or Hindu.”

    Based on this teaching, even if Nadarkhani had never visited a mosque a day in his life he is still considered a Muslim. Therefore, when he accepted Christ as his savior and became a Christian he left the Muslim faith whether he knew it or not.

    The Gazette asked the Council on Arab Islamic Relations if Muslim teaching does in fact teach that everyone is born a Muslim. CAIR did not respond to our inquiries.

    Pamela Geller, founder of Atlas Shrugs, and Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, have both confirmed that it is mainstream and standard Muslim theology that everyone is born a Muslim.

    Iranian Pastor Hormoz Shariet with Iran Alive Ministries, says many people in the West do not understand how dire the plight of Christians in Iran is. “Islamic law states that it is criminal for a Muslim to convert to Christianity and it is in fact punishable by death,” Shariet continued, saying it is common for revolutionary Guards to arrest a Christian and not notify the family. “They can’t have a lawyer, not even a formal charge. Sometimes they even get killed without a formal charge.”

    Nadarkhani is still awaiting sentencing for his “crime.” The Iranian government has been under intense pressure from international groups and governments to free Nadarkhani….

    Read it all.

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