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13 Year-Old Girl Trained By Taliban to Be Suicide Bomber (Video)

A 13 year-old girl was trained by the Taliban to be a suicide bomber.
She discusses it in this interview.  (GWP)

Motherly Love:

IRAQI security forces have arrested a woman whose boyfriend convinced her to send her little boy on a suicide mission and then failed to stop the attack after she had a change of heart.

Sunni widow Suad al-Obaidi, 47, was arrested on Friday along with her allegedly al-Qaeda boyfriend, a Diyala police officer said.

She was arrested in Diyala province, while the boyfriend, Hamid Alwan, 53, was detained in Baghdad.

According to the officer, Alwan convinced Obaidi to send nine-year-old Murtada Latif Kadhem to bomb a Shi’ite mosque in Khales, north of Baghdad, several years ago.

Alwan “took her son with her … by car to the Shi’ite mosque but, on the way there, she started to cry about her son,” the officer said.

“He put her out of the car, and took the son, who was wearing an explosive belt, to the mosque, where he blew himself up.”

On Thursday, a suicide bomber and a car bomb targeted Sahwa militiamen near Baquba, north of Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 26, an army officer and a doctor said.

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  1. 13 year-old girl trained by Taliban to be a suicide bomber.

    Well, I suppose she was too old to become a bride. Way past her Islamic ‘use-by’ date.

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