Norway's Burgeoning Rape Problem

No slowdown in Oslo rape surge

Two teenage girls emerging from downtown Oslo’s train station were attacked on Saturday evening by five young men in yet another escalation of the capital’s burgeoning rape problem.

The arrest of five Afghan and Pakistani men immediately stoked calls for the creation of a national police sex-crimes unit. Oslo mayor Fabian Stang also called for discussions on a possible curtailment on freedoms for asylum seekers.


Of all rapes recorded in Norway, every one was committed by Muslims.   All victims were white Norwegian females.

The mass attack on the 16-year-old girls braving the station area after dark was reported just hours after hundreds took part in a torchlight protest to “take back the night”, a rally by women’s groups and ordinary citizens for action against sexual assault. Continue reading →

Two More Oslo Teens Gang-Raped by ‘Asylum Seekers’… (TROP)

And who will now give the victims asylum?    (Andrew Bolt has more)

Norway is struggling with a consequence of its refugee and immigration policies – although most of the pain of that struggle is actually born by some very unlucky women:

Two teenage girls emerging from downtown Oslo’s train station were attacked on Saturday evening by five young men in yet another escalation of the capital’s burgeoning rape problem.

The arrest of five Afghan and Pakistani men immediately stoked calls for the creation of a national police sex-crimes unit. Oslo mayor Fabian Stang also called for discussions on a possible curtailment on freedoms for asylum seekers…

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  1. Last Saturday Elisabeth (33) had been to a party close to a cemetery in Oslo, and called a taxi to avoid walking alone along the dark cemetery in the middle of the night, early morning, only to get a “No” from the taxi central.

    – We don’t send cars in the middle of the night. Not to addresses close to midtown Oslo. You’ll have to go to the nearest taxi stop.

    Elisabeth had to wait for other friends to get safely accompanied on her way home one hour later.

  2. “Islamophobia”, Censorship, and Pedophilia in the Norwegian Media

    The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet once again refused to publish one of Fjordman’s replies to the attacks on him. The English translation of the rejected essay is posted below, followed by the original Norwegian.

    Fjordman includes this introductory note:

    Dagbladet refused to publish this brief essay. They claim that their journalist was only arguing that Heine Fjordland is not intended to make fun of the handicapped, that the essay therefore had nothing to do with me, and that therefore the right to reply does not apply in this case.

    The referenced Dagbladet article is here. Fjordman’s original Norwegian text, which is also at the bottom of this post, was previously published at Snaphanen.

    Commentator Inger Merete Hobbelstad says that Thomas Seltzer’s talk show Trygdekontoret (The Welfare Office) with its Heine Fjordland character on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) TV taunts right-wing extremists and not the disabled. Dagbladet still hasn’t come up with a good answer as to why people who dislike Islam are to be characterized as right-wing extremists, given that large parts of the population in Europe now look with growing skepticism on the increasing Islamic influence in their countries.

    I have for years argued that both the TV license for NRK and the state subsidies available for newspapers should be cancelled. As far as I’m concerned, Seltzer should be allowed to say and make fun of whatever he wants, but I question whether he should receive money directly from the state to finance this.

    NRK is dominated by people with sympathies far to the left of the middle. They shouldn’t be allowed to force the country’s general population to finance a paid clown to depict those whom the social democrats see as their ideological enemies as drooling Nazi idiots. In addition to this, Seltzer displays very little creativity. To describe people one doesn’t like as Nazis was already outdated decades ago.

    The powerful Yusuf al-Qaradawi issues fatwas saying that it is allowed (halal) to marry children. (See Walid al-Kubaisi’s article “Islam and marriage with minors”.) Muhammed himself married Aisha when she was only six, and consummated the marriage sexually when she was nine years old and he 54. (Bukhari 7.62.64).

    This piece of information was recently censored from my essay in VG. The opinion editor Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen gave the following reason for the censorship: “Our stance is that we can’t let allegations that Islam recommends pedophilia be printed in our newspaper.” Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria may have to go to prison for opposing pedophilia, but Norway’s largest national paper cannot write about this case because it would then have to explain that the Sunna of Muhammed allows this.

    Will NRK turn out to be better than this? I challenge Seltzer to showing a drooling al-Qaradawi in a wheelchair, telling Muslims that pedophilia is okay. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will dare to do this. One has to wonder why.

  3. Eva (14) left this world after the gang rape this spring in Trondheim, shortly after her confirmation later in the spring. The gang had harassed the familiy to prevent them from reporting the case, or to withdraw the report.

    In Oslo a girl (14) was raped in March, and the rapist’s friends are harassing, following and threatening the family. The police does not prioritize the case. This girl and her family are still waiting. Needless to say, the girl, now 15, is suffering.

    What conclusions to draw, after Eva’s death?

  4. Actually I want the name of the muslims responsible – as well as the family who is being threatened by these muslim scum!!!! Norwegians – get of your lazy arses and publish the names of the muslims involved.

  5. Actually, what is telling is the silence of the bloody muslim twits that comment here often defending their disgusting religion and their rapist prophet.


    kaw, I have no names.

    Regarding the party king, though, Dagbladet gives his age, 35. On first google search there was a party king photographed among others with a fashion top celebrity. In no doubt that it must be the one. First name like king, and second like the ..uh…easternmost Mediterranean where dajooz are not wanted..fourletterword…plus a few more letters.

    Uh…let’s talk about special champagne service for women in Gothenburg…uh..honoring the girls with their own terrace and their own champagne bar. pic!10_1208-57/

  7. The previous cases were not solved. Strangely enough. How come? Did the police just suddenly put them aside because they felt like doing so?

    Why was he never convicted of rape, and how does he know that the next case is going to be dropped?

    – I have no comment. I’ll talk to you when the case has been dropped. Because it will. I’m going to make “.hit” for the girls who are coming with false accusations, the 35 year old says to Dagbladet.

  8. Young woman close to her home in Oslo Sunday night, walked in the middle of the street talking on cellphone, was attacked by to “men”.

    They were 20-25 years old, had dark hair, measuring 160-170 cm/ 5 ft 25 – 5 ft 60.

    Neighbors heard her scream in the quiet neighborhood, called the police, and rushed out to help her, as the “men” ran away with her phone.

  9. Filthy f*** scum, Aprehend the bastard arseholes and cut their manhood off.

    Each and every time these bastards rape cut them. Name and shame their families and their cult.

    You filthy Islamic fuckers be warned ever try that shit in my neighbourhood i’m coming for you.

  10. “- Great! Hotel guests are given assault alarms to carry when out on the streets of Oslo”

    Let me guess -in the shape of a very large knife?

    Time for Europe to go back to training and arming its children. It must be legally permitted for girls to carry pepper spray and knives, and know how to use them.

  11. If this happened to the loved ones of some people they would hunt down the perpetrators, saw off their genitals, let them bleed for a while and then end their miserable lives. And I would have to agree with them. Maybe it’s what these rapists need to look forward to?

    If the government won’t and doesn’t protect it’s indigenous citizens from the immigrant rapists then it would follow that the citizens would take the law into their own hands in lieu of becoming sitting ducks.

  12. I endorse the comment by ‘when*pigs*fly’. I am surprised that fathers, brothers, husbands of these young women are not retaliating against the savages. It is time the scum lived in fear. The same fear that young women and girls live with. If the avengers cannot locate the barbarian who committed the rape, then pick another. They are all guilty by association and by their adherence to Mo. Let them quake in their boots!

  13. Reading this rape article, are we to believe that the ‘men’ in this crime have the mind-set that ‘anything female is fair game’? I know most countries have these kind of problems, usually down to drink and stupidity (on the male part), but if we now see that a follower of Islam has no honour, and certainly no respect for women, then how are we ever supposed to move on? This will drag the whole world back to some Middle_Ages mentality. I can see some vigiliantes will be operational soon, and yes, I saw Death Wish, the film; I don’t wish to see it in real life.

  14. Peter.
    Evil prevails when good people do nothing. Do you seriously believe that the two muslims shown abusing the female victim do not deserve the harsest of punishments – and I think we can be far more creative than the crap that is laid down in the sharia???? I do not wish to see lynch mobs, a regular appearance on muslim streets, but our police forces are failing us and we mean to protect our own.

  15. Wait… A man of action, Jens Stoltenberg, went to Copenhagen last week to study enlightenment…no, street lighting and video surveillance to combat the assault rapes in the Norwegian capital.

    – All good forces must work together, he says

    “Enlightenment or Age of Reason) was an elite cultural movement of intellectuals in 18th century Europe that sought to mobilize the power of reason in order to reform society and advance knowledge”

  16. If any of these gutless mongrels rape any of my grand daughters,i will personally rehabilitate them,permanently.

  17. Woman on bike stabbed in the throat while crossing the street

    Man in his 40ies held by police shortly after, thanks to witness who followed the attacker to his apartment.

    Bergen, this afternoon

    Tynset, Norway, Tuesday night

    Assault rape

    Young woman walking home from work, was attacked and raped amidst the trees in front of the Tynset hospital by two men wearing latex gloves and balaclavas

    – We are shocked, says Major. We never had such a rape here before. It would be wise not to walk alone, if you need to go outdoors, suggests the socialist Mayor Bersvend Svalbu.

  18. Ummm yeahhhh riiight…..comparing “islamophobia” with pedophilia…..riiiiiight…………one huge and obvious difference would be the fact that muslims have done everything in thei rpower to warrant being despised, and molested/raped children are completely innocent victims. Get a damn clue…

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