O' Toilet Paper: if that doesn't get him reelected, I don't know what will…

It may not be the most politically correct gift this holiday season.

But a new bathroom accessory has some gag gift lovers rolling over in stitches with its two-ply solution for those dissatisfied with the current state of the union.

Toilet paper with a portrait of President Barack Obama on every square is being offered via online retailers – but it’s certainly no bargain item at $10.00 per roll.

‘By purchasing Barack Obama Toilet Paper, you are single handedly helping to strengthen the very fibers that weave together this great nation of ours’.

At least, so claim its makers at ObamaToiletPaper.com.

‘Make your opinion known by wiping your behind with the face of the 44th president of the United States,’ an online description of the brash bathroom product reads.

According to the website, ‘Gone are the days where political activism and personal cleanliness were treated as two totally entities.’

Politically incorrect: It’s hard to believe the prank would be well-received at the White House

Indeed, now, with the emergence of Obama Toilet Paper, they certainly are.

In fact, its makers contend it’s one of the most patriotic purchases you might make all holiday season, by supporting American small business. 

That’s not to say they haven’t received their share of hate mail, from the sound of a sarcastic message on the manufacturer’s contact page.

A rant to repulsed liberals reads: ‘Highly annoying correspondence is not only appreciated, but encouraged. Right now I am particularly interested in receiving delusional and rambling tirades.’

We somehow doubt the Commander in Chief would give his seal of approval.

One thought on “O' Toilet Paper: if that doesn't get him reelected, I don't know what will…”

  1. When it comes to the Constitution toilet paper, you gotta realize Obozo isn’t the only one. He has plenty of help from the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, and his own advisers and staff.

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