Old Marxist Conflicted

“Old fashioned Marxist” conflicted

Germaine Greer struggles to understand:

I am struggling to understand a world in which the only anti-capitalist organisation is Islam and it seems the only way we can have Islam is with Sharia law. 

Carry on, Germaine:

I’m an old-fashioned Marxist and I don’t think books change anything.

Well, apart from books written by Marx. They changed her into an idiot.   (Tim Blair: CONVERT ALREADY)

Old commies can say whatever they want. But it’s also your God-given right to ignore it.

The boats keep coming

Another boat, another 78 “asylum seekers”.  78 more, and on it goes  (Andrew Bolt)


Queer as Greer


4 thoughts on “Old Marxist Conflicted”

  1. I just found your site…read the “disclaimer”, “rules” or what-have.
    Keep it up.

  2. She should just come out and say it “she’s an old fashioned fascist and doesn’t understand how other people won’t follow her warped worldview!”

  3. Greer, like all feminists, have capitulated to this vile ideology. Its so completely pathetic. Their only voice is against the ‘oppressive white man’ and some other ridiculous fantasy. When faced with an evil religion that despises women, practices female genital mutilation and regards women as intellectually deficient…they remain silent. Pathetic.

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