Outrage as Muslim extremist Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon's website attacks dead Diggers


Siddiq-Conlon is not an extremist. He understands his Islam correctly and since Andy Choudrey’s been doing the same thing in the UK for quite a few years now, Siddiq Conlon expects to get away with it in dhimmified Australia, and his chances are good.

On the dole, naturally:

FEDERAL police are investigating a heartless website campaign by a Muslim extremist desecrating the memory of fallen soldiers.

As the bodies of three Diggers killed by a rogue Afghan soldier began their journey home this week, radical Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon caused outrage among grieving families by launching a cruel Facebook page attacking the men.

The controversial site – The Australian Defence Force: The Real Terrorists – listed the 32 Australians who have died in Afghanistan and accused them of being terrorists.

Here’s Siddiq-Conlon’s “Spititual Guide”

Anjem Choudary Speech on Upcoming ‘Hell for Heroes’ Event

The site was removed after the ADF received complaints and notified the Australian Federal Police and Facebook.

The AFP was evaluating the material on the site to assess whether a criminal offence had been committed.The unapologetic Muslim convert, who received death threats soon after creating the site, has continued to trash dead Diggers by posting hate-fuelled messages on other Facebook pages.

“May they rot in hell,” he wrote in one message.

Gunned down by the hand of evil

In another posting he wrote: “I hope I got your blood boiling. That’s what I like. It’s my hobby. My fun. My pleasure.”

Australian-born Mr Siddiq-Conlon, formerly known as Shannon James Conlon, also labelled his grandfathers terrorists because of their service for the Australian Army in Kokoda and the Middle East. He has said he was proud of being referred to as an “extremist” and “terrorist supporter”.

Yesterday the outraged father of Greg Sher, killed in a 2009 Taliban attack, said he was devastated.

“Our soldiers are defenders and protectors, unlike many in other countries who are invaders,” Felix Sher said.

“The greatest freedom in Australia is that you can leave it when you like – and Mr Siddiq-Conlon should exercise that as soon as possible. When you start preaching hate who needs you around?”

Mr Siddiq-Conlon, who has a masters degree in architecture, converted to Islam while a student.

He refused to back down yesterday over the website.

He said it was created to “spark a debate” about bringing the troops home from Afghanistan.

6 thoughts on “Outrage as Muslim extremist Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon's website attacks dead Diggers”

  1. I got upset about aussie muslim extremists (…sorry that should read muslim extremists with aussie citizenship) a few months ago re Carnita Matthews fiasco.

    So I created a fake facebook profile and befreinded all the mosques, australisn islam brotherhood etc. Then, once they were my ‘freinds’ I asked to be the friends with all their friends.

    Pretty soon I had over 500 Islamic friends – most idiot facebook users just accept any friend request and this behaviour is universal and not confined to muslims or any religion.

    The stuff I saw puts Conlon’s efforts to shame. There is a violent pure hatred for Australia among that community, alarmingly among the young. They openly preach violent uprising in arabic among themselves.

    I then feared for my life and deleted everything and am making this post from an internet cafe.

    I would like to think that if a citizen did this, then ASIO etc are

  2. Conlons a sad piece of shit that’s stiring the pot to get a bite. Ignore the steaming dog turd so he can dry up and blow away in the breeze.

    Siddy you’re a failure and a sad loser.

  3. Sheik – I am sending you a message that I will ask you to email directly to johgson – I will not post openly on this matter

  4. No matter what they say and do Muslims cannot diminish the sacrifice made by our Aussie Diggers for their country. The Diggers were heroes before their deaths and they will be heroes long after Conlon and his ilk are dust. Conlon is a disgrace to Australia and should not be living on our fair shores. Time for the laws to be changed and the likes of Conlon inciting hatred and tension – should be stopped from doing so NOW. Freedom of speech is all very well – but this is the blatant hate filled ramblings of someone a sandwich short of a picnic.

  5. I have a question for Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon concerning the Islamic Free Zone in sydney….it sounds like a great idea..and i’m all for no-smoking, no-drinking, no-porn, and all that so called moralizing….but (here’s my qeustion) what about a no-pedophilea zone? I mean, your perverted prophet muHAM-head (pbuh) was a pedophile….will there be protection for children against muslim perverts (which is almost all of them) who will seek to offend, harm and infect these little ones? why is there no mention of a No-Pedophile zone in Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon idiotic, satanic agenda?

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