Spain 'Reverts'

Insane Catalan Nationalists: “We’d Rather be Muslim Than Spanish”

The left-wing Catalan nationalist party ERC recently held an event in Barcelona. During the discussion, one of the speakers proclaimed: “We’d rather be poor than Spanish.” Another then added:

“Or Muslim. We’d rather be Muslim than Spanish.”

This was greeted with applause. The many North Africans present were happy to join in.

Spanish Churches Threatened With Fines Because Bell-Ringing Disturbs Immigrants

Muhammad, profit of Islam,  has said that “the bell is the devil’s  pipe”-  he didn’t like it when they were used to alarm and warn the Christians of his oncoming raiding parties…..

“We poisoned your dogs, now we go after your bells!”

Cheradenine Zakalwe

Spanish churches are being threatened with fines because the sound of their bells disturbs ‘neighbours’. The threats are being made by Catalan nationalist mayors acting in response to complaints made by “immigrants”. After a protest held by these “immigrants” in Las Garrigàs, a representative of the local authority assured them that the bell of the local church would be decommissioned if the priest continued to ring it each day.

This is yet further evidence of the bizarre Catalan Nationalist-Mohammedan alliance that seems to have been formed in parts of Catalonia.  ( Read more: Spanish Churches Threatened)

This is interesting because its a relatively new perspective:

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  1. Is there any difference between Islam and Insanity. If there is not, it explains the Catalan Nationalists.

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