Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)

The Lame Stream Media, a Bastion of Dhimmitude

No surprises here, only cowards,  useful idiots and naive tools.

Nobody   looks good with  brown lipstick on. But Diane Sawyer is so full of shiite, its like she camped out for 2 months in Zucotti Park without taking a bath. Perhaps she should marry a Muslim, just to get a clue….


Then, there is the preposterous Irshad Manji, ‘deeply rooted in her faith’ and the equally retarded dawaa doctor Reza Asslan, who tells us that a fartwa is not a fartwa. Well, Salman Rushdie would beg to differ, Geert Wilders has a few words to say about that, and Mollie Norris sends her regards from wherever she’s hiding. Anyone seen Robert Redeker lately?

Get a grip, Diane. Or get out journ O lism…..

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