A Black Day for Austria: The Truth is No Defense; Elizabeth's Conviction Has Been Upheld!

The words of Christopher Hitchens haunt us all:

“Austria is the country that fooled us all into thinking that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Viennese” 

The truth is the new hate-speech and speaking out is a crime:

Well,  since Austria’s polit-props have allowed Saudi ‘conservatives’  to teach Austrians about tolerance it looks as though the judiciary has also lost their marbles, but wait: Austria’s judges were already in the bag (literally) for Islam when they sentenced Susanne Winter, an elected politican, to a penalty of 30.000.00 Euro’s for calling the profit of Islam a pedophile, (which is common knowledge) a behavior which is to be emulated by every soldier of allah for all time.

As bizarre as this may seem, its rather unsurprising to see the new totalitarians implement blasphemy laws that we thought we left in the dustbin of history. Strange days indeed!

From the Gates of Vienna:

The judge upheld thew verdict of the lower court, which convicted Elisabeth on the charge of “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.”

The judge found that the length of time her trial had taken was excessive, and that her fine should be reduced. A new date will be set in the lower court for the announcement of the fine.

There will be a press conference shortly at the Wiener Akademikerbund.


A sad day that will live in infamy. The Islamic curtain is drawn across Europe. Welcome to  the Islamic future no one wanted.

Please follow the case on GoV or on Tundra Tabloids, I find it personally too depressing to see my Europe slide into the abyss and my friends destroyed without a shot fired…..

‘Common knowledge…’

12 thoughts on “A Black Day for Austria: The Truth is No Defense; Elizabeth's Conviction Has Been Upheld!”

  1. It’s the ANSCHLUSS all over again, driven by forces even darker, dirtier and nastier than the Nazis…

    Denk ich an Oesterreich in der Nacht
    dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht…

    With apologies to that great Jewish Poet, Heinrich Heine.

  2. Oh, and where is this decent politician who told the turkish ambassador a piece or two? We need him NOW !!!

  3. Having read many books on Islam, having watched many videos concerning Islam, having waited and waited for so-called ‘moderate muslims’ to condemn the despicable Islamic attacks on mankind, I have formulated my own opinion – Islam is the worst disease this planet has ever seen. This is my opinion. Those who wish to demolish ‘Freedom of Speech’ (a la Susanne Winter) may well brush my (and her) opinions under the carpet but they will never change the way I feel.

  4. The revolution by the people needs to come from the people up. The people of Europe and America are threatened with nothing short of genocide by these despicable sub humans and all mainstream politicians, the media and the judiciary need to be put on trial for treason by the people they pretend to represent. Communism didn’t fall with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but marxism survives in our governments, who continue to oppress the people with political correctness.

  5. There is no such thing as moderate islam, how many times have you seen how moderate moslems protest against the brutality being committed in the name of their religion? Zero times
    ‘Political correctness” is another way of silencing the truth, its a fashion we don’t speak the truth because its not “cool”. Either we all sit and complain on Blogs such as these and insult our forefather that fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy that are now being eroded by pedophile friendly judges as this(maybe he is a closet pedophile). If we decide to “change” our minds in silence and on Blogs such as these it doesn’t mean anything. Bad things happen when good people do nothing!

  6. UN adopts resolution pushed by OIC in effort to criminalize speaking the truth about or criticizing the practice of moHAMmed worship, islame. They can pass all the worthless resolutions they want, the rights endowed to me by my Creator overrides them all. And they can take that bit of truth to their graves.

  7. Atom&Yves, These scum are not trying to change us – they are working on the next generation who will be helpless unless WE shut these ratbags down. That is the way it is and the islamists need to be neutered.

    Dear All.
    With regards to the case of Elizabeth let us see what the new fine is before we pass judgement. A couple of Euros would send an appropriate message: islamic scum, just so that you wont cry too much and start ranting we fined her two euros (this actually is to save us from having to shoot you) . Elizabeth – that is for wasting our time as you could of given the message across in a way that these dumb islamic freaks could not understand but the rest of the world would.

    Clean up your own house and stop trying to pollute ours.

  8. thank once more the president of america. he and his liberal friends set this disease free to literally kill us to harras us at airports to tell us what to eat and now what to think. I honestly hope this ends badly for muslims in the west but non muslims better do it soon before muslim numbers increase. Once they have tnumbers on there side it will be a challege to win. one they blow themselves up because they get virgins in heaven. how do you top that. ok spain kicked out muslims after years of war but they did not have to deal with suicide bombers. i am sick and tired of listening to liberals protecting murders. liberals should be thrown out when muslims, hopefully, are deported. We need to let liberal commies know what the support for islam will result in. They need to be made aware their actions are against the west, they are treasonous. I believe the libs must be targetted and made aware they are acting outside the real western liberal framework. There is no space for tolerance towards these people just as there shouldn’t be any for islam. They are the same thing-the two movement want to destroy western civilisation.

  9. The Quran, Sunnah and Sirah, quite clearly reaveal Muhammad MURDERED all who spoke out against him. They also unmistakeably reveal Muhammad, with the support of his deluded followers, to whom he promised much booty and captive women and girls to rape, lied ,plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to power,

    THe Quran is clearly not the revealed words of a God. Indeed if a genuine omniscient deity were to exist, it would be the grossest of insults to credit him with the authorship of this pathetic hate filled book.

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