Israeli Arabs rally against mufti muzzling: "we won't agree to silence the muezzin"

Hundreds of Arabs urge State to respect freedom of religion, rally across Israel against proposed ban on Muslim calls for prayer

Coming from the usual suspects  who don’t respect any religion other than Islam, for whom ‘freedom of religion’ means to force Islam on non-muslims, and to force non-muslims to live under Islamic law.

Actually, both the  above sentences wrong and misleading: hardly anyone in Israel demands that the muezzin be silenced;  neither is there anyone calling for a ban on Muslim calls for prayer. This is about  protecting non-muslims from the Islamic howling, the war-cries and the daily  cacophony of hatred transmitted over powerful loudspeakers, meant to ‘strike terror in the hearts of infidels’.

“Muhammad didn’t have loudspeakers either”, that’s what the headlines should read.  The Arabs must be told that the loudspeakers will be removed if the noise doesn’t stop.

The proposal, initiated by MK AnastassiaYisrael Beiteinu), aims to prohibit mosques from sounding the nighttime and early morning calls of the Muezzin – who uses a public address system to beckon worshipers to pray – in order to avoid disrupting nearby residents. The bill bases its premise on complaints by hundreds of thousands of Israeli who suffer daily noise caused by the Muezzin, particularly in the morning hours.

Arab-Israelis protest ‘mosque bill’