Muslims in France

Al Jizz propaganda, so be warned.

Muslims in France may be citizens, but their loyalties lie elsewhere. The pathetic blamegame of “ economic crisis, massive unemployment and rampant social problems” just doesn’t wash; there are three generations of Muslims in France and if they wanted integration they would have become Frenchmen and French women by now. Instead, the 3rd generation has drifted off  into the Islamic lager, ruled by criminal aggression and delusional megalomania.

As issues of immigration and integration raise Europe’s political temperature, this three-part series examines the history of Muslim immigration to France – a country where debate continues to rage over how to reconcile a long-standing tradition of secularism with religious diversity.

Here’s Part 3,

 (same rubbish, its all France’s fault that les Muselmanes are poor, discriminated and have ‘rampant social problems’…)

Note that al Jizz also downplays the numbers of Muslims in France, which are way above 6 million with more arriving every day:

Today, there are an estimated five million Muslims living in France. A century ago, they were referred to as “colonials”. During the 1960s, they were known as “immigrants”. Today, they are “citizens”. But how have the challenges facing each generation of immigrants changed?

The third and final part of the series tells the stories of the young Muslims who grew up in France and entered adulthood at a time of economic crisis, massive unemployment and rampant social problems.

Don’t tell the truth about Turks being murderous savages, or else:
“As crimes of genocide continue to plague the world, Turkey’s policy of denying the Armenian Genocide gives license to those who perpetrate genocide everywhere.”

Turkey warns France over Armenian “genocide” law

By Jon Hemming

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey warned France on Friday their political and economic relations would suffer grave consequences if the French parliament passed a draft law making it illegal to deny the 1915 mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was genocide.

Delusional, venomous, obsessed wannabe caliph Erdogan

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a vocal critic of Turkey’s long-standing, but slow-moving bid to join the European Union, told Turkey in October that unless it recognised the killings as genocide, France would consider making denial a crime.

The draft law, put forward by a deputy from Sarkozy’s party, is due to go before parliament next Thursday and proposes a one-year prison sentence and 45,000 euro (37,722.47 pounds) fine for denying the killings constitute genocide.

“This proposed law targets and is hostile to the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish nation and the Turkish community living in France,” Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan wrote in a letter to Sarkozy.

“I want to state clearly that such steps will have grave consequences for future relations between Turkey and France in political, economic, cultural and all areas and the responsibility will rest with those behind this initiative,” said the letter quoted by the state-run Anatolian news agency.

France is Turkey’s fifth biggest export market and sixth biggest country from which it imports goods and services.

Armenia, backed by many historians and parliaments, says some 1.5 million Christian Armenians were killed in what is now eastern Turkey during World War One in a deliberate policy of genocide ordered by the Ottoman government.

Ankara denies the killings constitute genocide and says many Muslim Turks and Kurds were also put to death as Russian troops invaded eastern Anatolia, often aided by Armenian militias.   Continued…

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  1. France used to be “la fille ainee de l’eglise” (the first daughter of the church), now it has become the first whore of Islam. They call the suburbs of Franc, where islamist thugs rule, “quartiers sensitives”, and the criminels who burn cars, chase the real French (francais de souche) out of their quartiers, attack police, the law and any soft target “disadvantaged youth”.

    The few timid voices who dare fight the islamisation of France are, like here and everywhere, character-assasinated.

    If you read French, this site is one of those courageous voices:

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