North Korea Cries Without Tears….

The ‘Juche’ paradise is literally out of everything,  but now it looks as though they’re out of tears also.

Those who will not cry  at the death of their former leader are denounced as traitors to the regime.

There are rumors that people who do not cry are being taken off trains and  taken to wherever they take people who  don’t worship the despot of the day.  (Daily Mail)

Atheists are entirely mistaken when they say  remove religion and people will think for themselves.

Wit the exception of Muslims the most brainwashed societies and the most evil ruthless leaders have all been staunch atheists:  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein… so what’s next for North-Korea?

Kim Yong Ill No Longer Ill, Just Dead

5 thoughts on “North Korea Cries Without Tears….”

  1. Hitler was no an atheist – that’s widely stated but erroneous . He was a Catholic ’til the day he died, never excommunicated (just like ol’ Robber Mugabe) – nonetheless he despised what he saw as the “Jewish” “weakness” of Christianity, namely mercy, compassion and kindness. I have read that he stated a wish that the Germans had been Muslim instead of Christian so they would make more merciless and fanatical warriors (the way things are going, looks like he’ll get his wish not too far in the future!) He made frequent references to “Christ” (an Aryan, of course) and “Gott” in his crack-brained writings and speeches, encouraged the growth of the Nazi evangelical “German Christian” movement and was never as crazy for the New Age esoteric occultism of Himmler and Rosenberg. As for Sodamn Insane, let us not forget that he had a Koran written in his own blood (how appropriate!). I don’t know a hell of a lot about the Norks (go figure) but I believe that their wonderful socialist paradise is some kind of synthesis of Stalinism, and East Asian “God-king” worship (the original cult of the personality!). Whilst I agree that far too many lily-livered pantywaist self-proclaimed atheists take for granted the confessional freedom living in the West (dar al-Harb at large) and take for granted the religio-cultural heritage which has prefigured this freedom, it is incorrect to tar all free-thinkers with the same brush. Have you had a look at Mark Humphry’s site? Good, solid, pro-American, pro-Israeli, right-wing Irish atheist. Worth a look. Anyway, excellent site Sheik, visit everyday, first stop on my daily browse. ישר כוח שייח’! אתה גדול

  2. Saddam Hussein was an atheist? ROFL. Kobi thanks for the facts re Hitler although what you wrote is pretty common knowledge. Stalin et al DID NOT commit attrocities in the name of atheism. That’s what you don’t get Sheik. Hitler believed he was doing God’s work in ridding the world of Jews. Surely you’ve read Mein Kampf.. It’s all explained in detail.
    Oh and by the way, the leaders of Chile, Norway, Iceland, Japan, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand and many many more countires are all atheist or agnostic. The deputy PM of the UK is also atheist.. Starting to connect the dots yet ????

  3. “Stalin et al DID NOT commit attrocities in the name of atheism.”


    But Hitler committed atrocities in the name of Christianity?

    Sorry, I can see you tying yourself in knots, not connecting dots!

  4. Gentlemen,

    You seem to be confusing the issue of vicious totalitarian dictators who claim religion but whose actions and beliefs totally contradict the faith.

    Hitler was not a Christian, except for political purposes when convenient. You should really do some research and find out how SS soldiers themselves have testified to the treatment of Christians by Nazis.

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