Salafist Cleric: Jews & Christians are "infidels"

Hardliner Salafists are unwilling to tone down their views, despite fears over the dominance of Islamists in the coming parliament.


Salafist cleric reiterates that Jews and Christians are “infidels”

Look at those stains on his forehead! Imagine how much time this zebiba boy spends banging his head on the floor….

Remember when the Salafists were a Tiny Minority of Excremists?

They got almost 29%  of the second round of voting in Egypt’s elections, and depending on the report, about a quarter of the first round. On one hand, they may not be toning their rhetoric down much because they simply don’t have to. They have gotten this far on the hard sell.

On the other hand, someone desperate to rationalize their advance is probably bound to plead at some point that Salafism is not a monolith, and there is a Tinier Minority of Extreme Extremists in the Tiny Minority of Extremists.

More on this story. “Jews and Christians are ‘infidels,’ reiterates Salafist cleric,” from Al Ahram Online, December 24 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Prominent Salafist cleric Yasser Borhami has reiterated his controversial stance on Jews and Christians, describing both as “infidels”.

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Note the Star of David on the shoe (BCF)

Borhami or Borhamy appear to be the common spellings of this cleric’s name.

Borhami, one of several extremist Salafist sheikhs renowned for eccentric and bizarre statements, said he would not reverse his opinion to seek political gains.

“I hold on to my stance that Jews and Christians are infidels, but they do have rights that Allah has given them,” he stated during a press conference in Dakahliah, north east of Cairo.

And that ain’t much. It is not unlike the now-hilarious quotation from the early ’80s, apocryphally attributed to Bill Gates, that “640k [of RAM] ought to be enough for anybody.” Sharia’s regressive, discriminatory “rights” “ought to be enough for anybody,” and that’s all the dhimmis will ever get, on the condition that they can stay on their overlords’ good side.

Borhami, the deputy leader of the Salafist call (Al-Dawaa Al-Salafiyya), was instrumental in forming Al-Nour Party in 2011, commonly viewed today as Al-Daawa’s political arm.

The Nour Party has been thus far the second biggest winner in the ongoing parliamentary elections, behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

After the Nour Party’s initial triumph in the ballot, liberals and secularists started to voice fears over the Salafist impact on the political landscape, economy and social freedoms.

Al-Nour Party President Emad El-Din Abdel Gafour and spokesperson Nader Bakar tried to reassure critics through relatively moderate statements, unlike Borhami.


“We would never give up our thoughts for politics,” Borhami added.

Al-Nour’s parliamentary candidate Hazem Shoman is another Salafist sheikh who has made the headlines for his acid tongue and abrasive nature. He also spoke at the conference.

“Deviating from Islamic Sharia is the reason why Egypt was vanquished in 1967 [by Israel] and 2,700 women have committed suicide for being spinsters,” Shoman said.

That’s a new one.

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