Sowdi Barbaria Sentences Aussie (Muslim) to One Year in Jail and 500 Lashes, for… Blasphemy!

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The first 100 or so are probably the worst: 

An Australian (Musel-) man has been sentenced to a year in jail and 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia.

Mansor Almaribe, a 45-year-old father of five from Shepparton in northern Victoria, was arrested last month and charged with blasphemy.

Says Amin Saikal, director of the Australian National University’s centre for Arab and Islamic Studies: “I think it really depends on the nature of what he’s been convicted for. But 500 lashes certainly seems excessive.” You think so, mate? Meanwhile, in the UK:

The number of women and girls in the UK suffering violence and intimidation at the hands of their families or communities is increasing rapidly, according to figures revealing the nationwide scale of “honour” abuse for the first time.

Statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act about such violence – which can include threats, abduction, acid attacks, beatings, forced marriage, mutilation and murder – show that in the 12 police force areas for which comparable data was available, reports went up by 47% in just a year.

Via Mark Steyn. Almost as shocking as rise in these crimes is the fact that a Freedom of Information search was required to uncover it. Some British police decline to collate honour crime statistics. And still in the UK, a remarkable verdict.

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9 thoughts on “Sowdi Barbaria Sentences Aussie (Muslim) to One Year in Jail and 500 Lashes, for… Blasphemy!”

  1. I so love how when the shiete hits the fan they’re all of a sudden ‘Australians’, the Governement should be telling the family, ‘Allah the most merciful will protect him’.

    Yep more waste of money.

  2. Gosh, I’m so curious as to what he said….it must’ve been totally scandalous, but then it could’ve something as innocent as ‘Are you sure Mo was really a prophet and not bi-polar?’.

    How many lashes until the person dies? I think it takes less than 80 to kill a 13 year old.

  3. Blasphemy? was he praying to Jesus? If this man dies,killed by the Saudis, will the family leave Islam?

  4. muslims love violence. they don’t care about who they hurt as long as it hurts. the religion of peace. always makes me chuckle when i write that. but these excuse for people believe it!!! they really think they are peaceful. trust me go and ask one. they will look you in the eye and tell you islam is the religion of peace. that is why it is time to stop talking to them and deport them.

  5. An Australian man??

    Is that Australopithecus man? Are they still around? I’m so confused.

    Or could it be an a Muslim living in Australia under false pretenses.

  6. @tony I appriciate you intellegence. Muslims love violence or jews or christians. Innocent Palistines love violence? Innocent Kashmiries love Violence? Helpless Afhan love violence? Helpless Iraqis love violence? Defenatly jews hate violence?

  7. @ Stephanie
    Its so amazing how people can fall for just what they read! if something seems illogical then it must be! P.Mohammad said kill for him? sounds illogical to me and to anyone of u guys I’m sure…. and that is exactly why this is not in Islam.

    the website ALISINA= Iranian created, against Muslims

    about the lashes!!! 500….. it doesn’t make sense ay? so lets noT attach any stings of it to Islam
    Yh the country might be covered under Islam but does it really practice Islam!!! HELL NO

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