The O'Kwanzaa Man: Missing Drones & Missing Billions…

Did it ever occur to you that the Marxist Muslim who defiles the White House works for the other side?

Obama Rejected Numerous Proposals to Retrieve Lost U.S. Drone: Officials Confirm Authenticity of Iranian TV Images Showing Drone– read this, from Pamela Geller

Obama: More Jobs Created With Unemployment Checks Than With Keystone Pipeline …Huh?

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, December 8, 2011,

How Pelosi-esque. Our Doofus in Chief believes handing out unemployment benefits creates more jobs than building a gas pipeline.  The Examiner reported.

And where does the money for the unemployment cheques come from? From the printing presses?


Hussein the Cleaner: “We’ve Been Spending the Last Three Years” Cleaning Up After Bush (GWP)

 Rush: Did Obama Confuse Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?

Corzine knows nothing about anything. Another billion or two went down the crapper:  “I’m not in a position, given the number of transactions, to know anything specific about the movement of any specific funds.”  Read More »

Corzine’s Testimony:

Completely Unaware of Absolutely Everything that Went on at MF Global

Rush:  Jon Corzine testified yesterday, “I don’t know where” —  What?  He did.  He lit all the candles on the menorah.  He lit them all.  Lit them all.  Well, let me tell you something.  The White House Christmas party for the media was December 6th.  That’s about eight or nine days earlier than usual.  See, everything is based on Obama getting out of town on December 16th to head over to Hawaii.  So that’s why he lit all the candles.  He didn’t have time to wait for Hanukkah to actually play out, he’s gotta leave.  He can’t wait. He doesn’t have time to hang around for Kwanzaa. I mean that doesn’t start ’til December 26th. He’s gotta do that now.  He has to get outta here by December 16th, December 17th.  That’s when vacation starts.  So just go ahead and light all the candles on the menorah and talk about how you love Israel and be done with it.

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  1. If it is true that the Mohammedan USURPER Hussein had the opportunity to either recover or destroy this drone and could not make a decision or refused to do it. Then he should be impeached for treason for endangering the security of the USA.

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